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Freaky weird porno. Beastiality. How do you have sex with an animal ?

19 Mar

What’s up with the freak porno ? It’s amazing the shit people post on the web. I know some people have strange fetishes, but come on. I saw a site where a chick got gang banged by a bunch of clowns ! W.T.F. is that ? I’ve even wondered if some of it is even legal. Like beastiality. Since an animal can’t deny or condone sex. I would think that it would be illegal. I’m no expert, but I’ve never seen any animal look at me, and give me that sexual glare. I don’t have problems with people being different. But I learned something. There was a time I thought I was a little strange. After surfing the Internet for a while. I’ve changed my opinion. Someone who jerks off to clowns gang banging a toothless redneck. Or a midget with a giant love rod pounding a pot belly pig. Now that is strange. Honestly how can you have sex with an animal. Then eat it for dinner ? I’ve heard of people being afraid of clowns. Never wanting a freak gang bang with them. I’m not even getting into the priests and religious figures. Mainly because that actually sickens me. There’s a time to be serious and a time to play. I’d much rather hear about cow getting rammed by a clown, as the midget masturbates on his ankles. Then any of the crazy shit I read about in the papers. If you read this. I thank you, and be good. 

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Goat pussy aint real pussy. Sick and perverted farm sex. All about beastiality.

8 Feb

You know when I was younger me and my friends would joke around about having sex with animals, such as yeah I banged that sheep from the bbaaaaccccckkkkkkk. In the end it was just words you know a couple of kids half toasted joking around, but as I got older I ended up meeting some creepy old guy that had a large piece of land some animals and a twinkle in his eye that told me that I would never let this guy babysit my kid. At first he was funny always joking around, but then he started telling me that him and his wife had grown apart and he found new love with his variety of soft furry farm animals. I guess he was right, they can’t say no, can’t call the cops, and you don’t have to sweet talk them, but the idea of sticking my meat inside of livestock just doesn’t do it for me. I remember hearing a story where a guy would get drunk leave the bar go to his neighbors farm and hump his cows(no it is not me) he got arrested after his neighbor set up a camera because he noticed something wrong with his animals. Now I just don’t get it. I can’t look at some hair ass with a tail swinging from it and say “Damn I want that!”. I always thought that I was a little weird, but if you search around long enough I learned you can always find someone that makes you look normal. Please leave those animals alone, more then likely they don’t want your dick. B good, and have a good 1.