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It’s time to just say Fluk You

10 Jan

Flukfluk is a blend between a multi-creator blog and an interpersonal organization. Alongside gatherings, inquiries, thoughts, and a couple different things makes this an one of a kind idea in an effectively mainstream online corner. By and large there are a couple plan blemishes, however there are a considerable measure of choices that could be fun. Just starting out so at this moment there aren’t numerous clients. To me it would appear that it is really new. I found a couple of clever stories and pictures. In addition there were a few recordings on a couple of the posts that I truly enjoyed. There are some presents that I found on the site be extremely captivating. General I did my make the most of my time on the site, and I will log back on soon. I simply hope and trust the client based gets a little on the grounds that it is by all accounts that it could be an exceptionally stimulating site.


The Ultimate Asshole Guide

22 Mar
How to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. I have looked back on my life, and realized that I am a master in this subject. I have learned that the #1 way to make an ass out of yourself. Begins like this. It has been about 15 beers and 10 – 12 shots since the night began. You find yourself staggering along some stage singing Don Mcleans “American Pie” on karaoke. After you slur the words of the song you fall down the stairs and yell “SONOVA BITS”. You find yourself in the middle of an argument. As you began to cry to some stranger about something that happened to you 15 years ago. Even though your slurring so bad no one can understand you. You then stagger to the bathroom, as a group of people laugh at you. In a fit of drunken rage you smash a bunch of stuff. The next thing you know your in the police station with vomit all on your clothes.
That was probably my most ultimate asshole moment. If you are curious I do not drink anymore. I actually have a son, and am actually a good Father. Financially I could be better, but I do my best. There are several everyday ways to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. Such as getting in a vicious argument in the middle of a store that you go to all the time. Blaming someone at a gas station for short changing you. Only to find out that you are the one who was wrong. Finding that your zipper is down, and you are free balling (wearing no underwear). There are so many ways to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. Feel free to share your ultimate ass moment. I thank you for reading this, and I hope you stop by again. Please visit one of my creative new websites for some cool new entertainment. I know that there are alot of awesome sites. Like facebook, twitter, myspace, and stumbleupon, but my sites are pretty original. You never know what you might find.


http://www.todaysweirdestblogs.info ( strange and bizarre blogs & stories )
http://www.scottsenterprises.info ( just an extra page I designed for my web store )
http://webitup.spruz.com – soon to be http://www.webitup.com ( I figured why not start a little social site. I want to get this 1 rocking )

New Online Social Community coming soon

12 Mar
          New social website opening. Webitup.com is a new social community that is opening soon. Create forums, groups, find and invite friends, and have fun. There is also a section for you to post your business or personal link. Check out the side bar to watch tv, listen to music, or play games. I know that there are a lot of cool social websites out there so why not one more ? Add videos and  post your pictures either privately or publicly. This is a website that the community will build from ground zero up, and even add ideas and applications to it to make it better. Come on in and invite your friends. Create the next generation in social communities. Where the community makes the decisions. Right now you can find it at http://webitup.spruz.com but after being finalized it will be http://www.webitup.com . Please stop on by, sign in, and start building the next social community. Try something different.
          If you want to check out some new stuff here are a couple of links. For some cool new blogs and stories check out todaysweirdestblogs.info. For some cool, new, weird entertainment check out cheeseballentertainment-2010.com. Shop online easily and safely at scottsenterprises.info, and learn tips and tricks about how to grow your online business at howtomakemoneyonline-2010.com