The most profitable, absolutely free online businesses to ever hit the market.

27 Nov
Here are some great opportunities to earn real income from these new, revolutionary ideals. To make it better they are completely free, and are 100% risk free. The best part of these new companies is that even if the ideal of earning income through these places isn’t your thing. You can still at least save yourself  money on products & services that you use everyday. Go check them out once, and see what I’m talking about.

Here Is A New Members Buying Club that is FREE to join. It Is A Multi Tier Rewards Program. It Is A Program That Pays On All Your Purchases You Make At Any Of The Participating Merchants You Also Receive Money On Anyone’s Purchases You Refer to The Club. It Is Absolutely FREE To Join And There Are No Monthly Or Annual Dues, and No Minimum Purchases. The More People You Refer In This FREE Program That Are Using Participating Merchants, The More Money You Earn. When A Merchant Refers Their Customers As Members For FREE, They Receive Money When That Customer Goes To Any Other Participating Merchant. When A Merchant Joins As A Merchant They Get Their Own Web Page In The Directory And They Get The Benefit of 1,000’s of Member’s Wanting To Use Them. Merchants Are Rewarded, Members Are Rewarded, Non-Profits are rewarded, And It’s all FREE. Plus there are already over 7,000 merchants signed up. Everything from beauty supplies to automotive parts to restaurants like red lobster & the olive garden. These are things people actually use. So they’ll save $$$, and you’ll make $$$. It’s a win, win.
It Just Makes Good Sense !
Even if the business aspect isn’t your thing. You can still save yourself money on services and products that you use everyday.

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Here’s another great ideal.
Or you can make money by having local deals sent to your cell phone. It’s absolutely free, and yes it really is that simple. Text based advertising has turned into a multi-million dollar industry. Now they created a new system that will allow people like you and me to actually earn income through these new text based companies. Plus the owners of these businesses are real places that have been in business for decades. So they have stable, reliable reputations. If interested checkout the sites below and find out more….. These are Worldwide opportunities too.
Site #1 –

Site #2 – 

Once again even if the business aspect isn’t your things. You’ll still save money from companies offering deals. If you don’t like the deals. Just erase the texts, and go about your business


IPO The unselfish wealth building system. Making working from home possible.

7 Aug


The IPO Unselfish Wealth Building System is a simple and very POWERFUL Magnet for creating Massive Wealth through New IPOs.

And, if they can’t guarantee us first in, They’ll create their own programs and maximize first in positioning before they allow the general public to join.

Think about it, what new bizop wouldn’t want what they offer? (guaranteed success in their new launch), a win-win situation.

Just follow these simple steps (1, 2, 3), below and your financial future is set. Guaranteed!!

1) For best results, introduce 7 or more to their FREE DownlineIPO System For Free (the more, the better).

They understand that some need help and the Unselfish Wealth Building System will help everyone make money even without sponsoring (however, they do expect everyone to put forth REAL effort to bring on 7 or more – hey, it’s a free financial windfall – everyone knows someone who wants a free financial windfall, right?). They have push-button tools to help you accomplish this.

2) Login Daily and Check your TEAM STATS

3) When it’s time to join a New IPO you will be notified by or via a countdown clock on the site. Simply LOGIN, and click on NEW IPO and JOIN.

That’s It!! If you’ve never been FIRST before, you will. And, not just Once – we’re talking Every Time and with your team already in place. Your financial life is about to change in a Big Way . .

With everyone’s Unselfish Wealth Building help, will make us all some decent cash to filthy rich for those who build (that is why you’re here, right?).

Obviously, there’s nothing like this. Nothing as Powerful. Nothing that helps EVERYONE.. like Downline IPO.


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link180 is a viradyne/google homepage that pays its users.

23 Jun

Link180 – GOOGLE New Home Page Launched And ……It’s F.R.E.E.   

We are NEAR THE TOP OF the company………. NO EXAGGERATION!

NEW Revolutionary Concept – 100% TOTALLY FREE – make money without being asked to Pay !


The internet giant GOOGLE has teamed up with a Dallas based marketing company to create a new advertising web site…..AND they will “PAY YOU” to help spread the word.


LAUNCHING NOW In the USA (Canada & the UK shortly thereafter – & then the world!)


Just make this new web site your “Home Page” (Nothing to download, nothing to install on your computer, I can show you how !)


You will receive your own personal link. When you share with your friends and they make it their Home Page they will get their own personal link and YOU will get paid $ 1.00 per month – “EVERY MONTH” as long as they keep this new site as their home page.


No Limit to the number of people you can share this opportunity with giving YOU UNLIMITED RESIDUAL income potential PLUS also get paid $ 1.00 per month 8 generations deep. (That’s HUGE unlimited residual income potential !)


Since this is FREE – where does the money come from ?


The newest trend in internet advertising is “Eyeball Views”.Pay Per Click(PPC) is dying, so search engines are moving their focus to PAYING to get eyeballs to view ads.  The conceptis to pay to get people to view a website that comes up every time the internet is accessed .


This company has budgeted to pay out approximately $20 dollars per computer using this as a Home Page… this will leave room for “Massive BONUSES.”


The first bonus planned (in addition to the $ 1 per level for 8 levels) is:


Personally make 20 Home Page referrals & you get an additional 25 cents per Home Page, per month.


That’s a total of $1.25 EVERY MONTH on all 8 generations AND the 25 cents per generation  continues to infinity. (That can be MAJOR Monthly RESIDUAL income !)


REMEMBER – UNLIMITED WIDTH + 8 GENERATIONS DEEP + 25 cents MORE to INFINITY when you share it with only 20 people !



You do the math – Share this with only 20 who share it with only20 and the income potential goes CRAZY !  


I envision this as the BEST Fundraiser for Non Profits ever created.  Share this with Churchs, Schools and any Organization that needs FUNDS! 









You have Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN!!!!

me2everyone – Join the 1st 3D virtual social networking site

25 May

Me2everyone –

Here me out and go check this shit out.  I found this place.

Its going to be the 1st 3D social networking website. Not only that, but its

allowing its members to be shareholders. If you join before the site is fully
up and running. You’ll get 2,000 free shares.

Imagine if facebook,you tube, twitter, or myspace gave you a share of its stock
when it first opened. I see this place getting big. It hasn’t even opened up yet, and
people are piling in. This isn’t some bullcrap site. Its a social site that is going to have
games,blogs,applications, all that stuff. It only took me 5 seconds to figure out that I should
join. 2,000 shares, a 3D social site, and its free. Atleast take a look at this bad boy.


the customer advantage – Join the group buying site that pays you!!!

18 May

The customer advantage

The Deal a Day trend is the fastest growing trend online today, taking the trend leader ( to becoming the second fastest company in history to be valued at over a billion dollars, only second to YouTube.The reason this trend has exploded like it has is due to the state of the economy, forcing people to look for ways to save money. Social Group Buying, a.k.a “Deal a Day” websites allow users to buy products and services for 50% to 90% off retail.

This is the first home-based business / Network Marketing company to tie into this exciting and explosive new trend, and so has created one of the most lucrative business opportunities today.

Find out how this is changing the rules of Network Marketing with this new business


Adult websites are raking in the money online.

24 Sep

CHECK THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM. This shit is rocking and free.

1st I want to say that if this offends You. I honestly and sincerely apologize. I’m going to break it down real quick to You. I was throwing sheet metal around for a while. Basically all of my jobs were blue collar. And I seemed to have the same problem over and over. I try to be an extremely nice guy, and then some asshole always wants to see how far he can take it. For example. At my last job. I let this guy borrow $40 bucks because he needed it. On payday the butt nugget came in with an attitude. I approached him respectfully, and he tried pushing his luck. Saying ” Fuck You and Your money” When I said ” no bro fuck you” He walked up to me and started poking me in my chest. He said “I’ll………” That was about it. As soon as finger started poking me and he said “I’ll….” I found myself scooping his ass up, and slamming him on the floor, and choking him out. I’ve had that scenario go on for 3-4 jobs in a row. I don’t get it. Ask anyone that actually knows me, and they’ll tell ya. I would literally give You the shirt off my back if you needed it.So I went on a hardcore mission finding ways to make a little cash online. I’m involved in 24 affiliate programs, and 75 paying survey sites. I make a little money, but far from enough to be satisfied with. Last week I remember saying to someone. Sex sells. It got me thinking. Why not see whats up with the adult business online, and after some research. All I said was W.T.F. Basically I found out that 1 in every 7/8 clicks on the internet goes to an adult site. That breaks down to 600,000,000 million people a day. Yes its freaky, creepy, and crazy, but its true. Check it out for yourself. In 2009 the online adult business made 500,000,000,000 billion dollars. More than amazon, ebay, and google combined. I shit my pants. So I checked it out. My only problem that I had with the adult business was that I’m a 33 year old dude. I didn’t want to have to go to chat rooms and say I was a 20 year old female who likes whipped cream, and loves sucking dick. But I found out that it wasn’t really sleezy. The places I found been in business over a decade, pay on time, and have good reputations. So I said screw it. Why not? So far its been the best shit I’ve done. None of the places try to charge you. Mainly because with or without you they’ll make money. Any good work from home ideal is free. Because just like you wouldn’t pay for a company to hire you. Any worth while online opportunity isn’t going to charge you either. Some of them you might need a domain name, but I had a domain name not in use, and thats’ all you need. You don’t even have to have hosting for it. If you don’t have a domain name. You can get a .info for $2 at godaddy. Or maybe even cheaper at another place. One or two of them I don’t think you need anything. I used the same domain, and used it to join 4 sites. But I’m seeing this as a good opportunity. If anyone decides to check it out. We can get the discussion board going, and try to help each other out. I think I’m basically done typing. So with that I say thanks for stopping by, and try and have a good 1.

#1 live cams,vod, and videos – its free

#2 live cams,vod, and videos – its free too

#3 sex toys, videos, and other products – also free

#4 breast enlargement, male enhancement, and other products

Scam Alert. Work from home can and will butt rape you.

5 Jul

 Checkout Some Cool Software For Your Computer.

        I enjoy messing around and writing these blogs, but I had to take a little time off. Mainly because I needed to find a way to make a few extra dollars. I decided to turn to the Internet and give it a shot. I learned some of those bastards are ruthless. You have some rich ass bastard who doesn’t care if he takes your last dollar. He cares more about buying some penis enlargement pills with your money, rather then seeing you succeed. I never expected to meet the expectations that are on the website, but I didn’t expect me to get completely ram rodded either. I can’t stand seeing some of those advertisements anymore. The ones’ like “Hi. I’m Jim Johnson. Follow me, and I’ll show you how to make $200 – $500 a day. Without even working. I make more money in the time I jerk off then most people see in a month.” Now when I see those advertisements. All I want to do is put ol’ Jim Johnson in a crushing choke hold. Strangle his ass till his eyes pop out of his head. For some reason I came to the conclusion that alot of people are insensitive butt nuggets….. I’ve also heard about blogging for money. I guess it’s possible if you get enough people, but I’ve had those cheesy ass Google ad sense ads on here for months. I think in four months I’ve made about $8.00. So in four months I made enough for a pack of cigarettes and a 16 ounce soda. Beats a blank I guess. But alot of people don’t really click them as much as you would think. Eventually I did start making a little cash. I got into doing surveys online, and posting links for products. It actually has brought in some well needed cash. It wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be, but I don’t mind putting in a little effort into it. I’m not a lazy sack of bull nuts. So far I now have a blog, affiliate store, paid survey kit, data entry kit, and a you tube channel that I still hope one day goes main stream. Slowly but surely shit has been working out. But I have learned that is possible. Anyway my people. Its’ been cool kicking it with you, and I hope you swing by again. Until then be good, and have a good 1………….. If you get bored come check out my you tube channel . Thanks again for stopping by. 
Actual descent work from home opportunities 
 I might be a fool, but I’m not stupid. Like I said one time is one time to many. I did a little research.  Here are a few good work from home opportunities. They all are straight up. No hidden fees’, all have over a 95% success rate, all are either online business certified or have been scam X approved, and they all have 100% money back guarantees’. If you ever had the urge to try to work from home. Here’s a few descent companies to try. good luck, and have a good 1.