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me2everyone – Join the 1st 3D virtual social networking site

25 May

Me2everyone –

Here me out and go check this shit out.  I found this place.

Its going to be the 1st 3D social networking website. Not only that, but its

allowing its members to be shareholders. If you join before the site is fully
up and running. You’ll get 2,000 free shares.

Imagine if facebook,you tube, twitter, or myspace gave you a share of its stock
when it first opened. I see this place getting big. It hasn’t even opened up yet, and
people are piling in. This isn’t some bullcrap site. Its a social site that is going to have
games,blogs,applications, all that stuff. It only took me 5 seconds to figure out that I should
join. 2,000 shares, a 3D social site, and its free. Atleast take a look at this bad boy.


the customer advantage – Join the group buying site that pays you!!!

18 May

The customer advantage

The Deal a Day trend is the fastest growing trend online today, taking the trend leader ( to becoming the second fastest company in history to be valued at over a billion dollars, only second to YouTube.The reason this trend has exploded like it has is due to the state of the economy, forcing people to look for ways to save money. Social Group Buying, a.k.a “Deal a Day” websites allow users to buy products and services for 50% to 90% off retail.

This is the first home-based business / Network Marketing company to tie into this exciting and explosive new trend, and so has created one of the most lucrative business opportunities today.

Find out how this is changing the rules of Network Marketing with this new business