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Scam Alert. Work from home can and will butt rape you.

5 Jul

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        I enjoy messing around and writing these blogs, but I had to take a little time off. Mainly because I needed to find a way to make a few extra dollars. I decided to turn to the Internet and give it a shot. I learned some of those bastards are ruthless. You have some rich ass bastard who doesn’t care if he takes your last dollar. He cares more about buying some penis enlargement pills with your money, rather then seeing you succeed. I never expected to meet the expectations that are on the website, but I didn’t expect me to get completely ram rodded either. I can’t stand seeing some of those advertisements anymore. The ones’ like “Hi. I’m Jim Johnson. Follow me, and I’ll show you how to make $200 – $500 a day. Without even working. I make more money in the time I jerk off then most people see in a month.” Now when I see those advertisements. All I want to do is put ol’ Jim Johnson in a crushing choke hold. Strangle his ass till his eyes pop out of his head. For some reason I came to the conclusion that alot of people are insensitive butt nuggets….. I’ve also heard about blogging for money. I guess it’s possible if you get enough people, but I’ve had those cheesy ass Google ad sense ads on here for months. I think in four months I’ve made about $8.00. So in four months I made enough for a pack of cigarettes and a 16 ounce soda. Beats a blank I guess. But alot of people don’t really click them as much as you would think. Eventually I did start making a little cash. I got into doing surveys online, and posting links for products. It actually has brought in some well needed cash. It wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be, but I don’t mind putting in a little effort into it. I’m not a lazy sack of bull nuts. So far I now have a blog, affiliate store, paid survey kit, data entry kit, and a you tube channel that I still hope one day goes main stream. Slowly but surely shit has been working out. But I have learned that is possible. Anyway my people. Its’ been cool kicking it with you, and I hope you swing by again. Until then be good, and have a good 1………….. If you get bored come check out my you tube channel . Thanks again for stopping by. 
Actual descent work from home opportunities 
 I might be a fool, but I’m not stupid. Like I said one time is one time to many. I did a little research.  Here are a few good work from home opportunities. They all are straight up. No hidden fees’, all have over a 95% success rate, all are either online business certified or have been scam X approved, and they all have 100% money back guarantees’. If you ever had the urge to try to work from home. Here’s a few descent companies to try. good luck, and have a good 1.