Aliens walked in my house, and ate my food.

4 May

GameStop, Inc.        Once again I found myself watching a show about Aliens. And once again they were interviewing some redneck. He said the Aliens picked him up in the field. There was a flash of light in the sky. He said he didn’t remember much, but he was pretty sure that they ate his box of Lucky Charms. Where the f#*k do they find these people? This asshole made his own moonshine, and looked like Grizzly Adams, with a touch of gingivitis.I came up with my own theory to this guys story. I think he was tanked, and decided to walk into the field to look for some love. He found himself a well groomed horse. as he tried to touch the horse, the horse kicked the shit out of him. Creating the flash of light. He ended up drinking a liter of moonshine trying to kill the pain. He blacked out. Staggered in his house, and ate the Lucky Charms. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. I don’t doubt the existence of Aliens. It’s just always the assholes they get on the shows. They’ll interview 7 people, and all 7 of them bastards are straight whacked. But in their defense. If I was abducted and anal probed by a group of little green men. I’d probably be a little whacked out myself. But it just seems that it’s always some redneck or crack addict. If there were Aliens. I would think they would choose a more high class of person. It would sound much more convincing if one of the Jonas Brothers said they were abducted, and anal probed. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Aliens are searching for the answers for incest and drug abuse. If so they been choosing excellent examples. But I guess you never know who is telling the truth, and who isn’t. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.  


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