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You Tubes Best Unknown Videos And Channels

17 May

One thing I’ve noticed lately, is there are a lot of good unknown You Tube channels. A lot of the bigger names I’m really not impressed with. People like Fred and Shane Dawson who rack up hits really don’t make me laugh. I’ve had a better time grooming my ball sack then watching some of their videos. I like the videos that make me say. “Holy Shit! I bet that guy use to do a lot of PCP”. Not some butt wad with a high pitched voice, running around like someone just split his asshole with an atomic wedgie. Or some long haired testicle in front of the camera thinking he’s mad funny. The worst part is they have obsessive fans. You know the kind that will tattoo their names to their genitals just to show their true love for them. Or will make their girlfriends call out “Freds” name while they are making love instead of their own. Even though they never met the guy, and probably never will. I had some 18 year old fan write me telling me how Shane Dawson would kick my ass. I had to inform the chump to shut his ass up, or I would I cock slap his Dad after I tagged his Mamma. Shit makes no sense to me. I actually have some skill, and some weird ass vids on You Tube. I can definitely make people say W.T.F.,and I have some shit on there that is pretty fucking funny. But it’s hard as shit to get hits. I was wondering who’s dick you gotta suck to get a 1,000,000 hits. My channel has a good amount of whacked out shit, but it seems impossible to get seen. I must need a video of a dog with two dicks fucking an Iranian terrorist or something. But who knows. Anyway next time you are cruising through You Tube. Stop by some of the less visited channels. You might actually find some cool shit. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1………..If your bored checkout the link to my You Tube Channel Thanks.


Aliens walked in my house, and ate my food.

4 May

GameStop, Inc.        Once again I found myself watching a show about Aliens. And once again they were interviewing some redneck. He said the Aliens picked him up in the field. There was a flash of light in the sky. He said he didn’t remember much, but he was pretty sure that they ate his box of Lucky Charms. Where the f#*k do they find these people? This asshole made his own moonshine, and looked like Grizzly Adams, with a touch of gingivitis.I came up with my own theory to this guys story. I think he was tanked, and decided to walk into the field to look for some love. He found himself a well groomed horse. as he tried to touch the horse, the horse kicked the shit out of him. Creating the flash of light. He ended up drinking a liter of moonshine trying to kill the pain. He blacked out. Staggered in his house, and ate the Lucky Charms. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. I don’t doubt the existence of Aliens. It’s just always the assholes they get on the shows. They’ll interview 7 people, and all 7 of them bastards are straight whacked. But in their defense. If I was abducted and anal probed by a group of little green men. I’d probably be a little whacked out myself. But it just seems that it’s always some redneck or crack addict. If there were Aliens. I would think they would choose a more high class of person. It would sound much more convincing if one of the Jonas Brothers said they were abducted, and anal probed. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Aliens are searching for the answers for incest and drug abuse. If so they been choosing excellent examples. But I guess you never know who is telling the truth, and who isn’t. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.