Our decaying society. What a shit hole.

30 Apr

The decaying society we live in. As I watching T.V. the other day. A commercial came on for furthering your education. Apparently one of the fastest growing fields is in criminal justice. I think that says it all. That just means more crime, really. I don’t want to sound like an uptight butt nugget, but I can see how the society is slowly self destructing. With lying politicians, celebrity downfalls, molesting priests, dirty police, and just everyday media. Simply put you are product of your environment. I mean look at your choice in music now a days. it is either a pop teen sensation or gangsta rap, and because of that. Everybody either wants to be a diva or a  bad ass. I watched a interview with Justin Bieber. And he was like “Yo this”, and “Yo that”. Lets be honest. He’s a good performer, but wanting to sound like a hard ass. Come on. I could still pick him up, and spank his ass like a child. Because even with the mega fame. He’s still just a kid. People put to much emphasis on celebrities in their lives. Liking someones acting or singing is understandable. But people get obsessed. I bet if someone like Justin Bieber read this, and got pissed off. He could put a hit out on my head. And some asshole would actually try to do it. Just to show their love for their hero. Who in 2 years will be completely replaced, by some other new singing sensation. Shit makes no sense to me. Add that together with all the other bullshit going on, and makes you wonder where we’re headed. Just look at sex. Don’t get me wrong I love sex, even with a little freakishness. But it use to be such a harmless thing, but I think its turned into an obsession. Creating rapists, and child molesters. I mean honestly have you ever surfed around porno sites ? They have some shit I can’t believe. The only thing I haven’t seen is people having sex with aquatic animals, but that’s probably because no one has uploaded a video yet. I swear If 2012 doesn’t take us out. We’ll end up taking ourselves out one way or another. Hopefully people will realize that change is needed, and be able to separate their fantasy from their reality. Or else the destruction of the World will truly become inevitable. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.


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