Drug addicted and mentally impaired Superheros.

29 Apr
I was cruising on you tube the other day. I came across this video. It had several different versions to it. With several different titles, but my favorite was called “Retarded Batman”. ( I put the link at the bottom. If you wanted to see it ) The other one was called “Batman on Drugs”.I laughed my ass off at it. It made me remember that cheesy ass movie “Handyman” with Damon Wayne. It was a spin off of the skit that use to be on “In Livin’ Color”. It made me think. What if someone like Spiderman or Batman got brain damage, and wanted to continue their crusade to stop crime? That would make for a pretty funny spoof. Or what if they hooked on drugs. Like they busted in and defeated a huge drug ring. And they couldn’t resist the temptation of the 60 kilo. of dope they had sitting in front them. They’d be all fu#$ed up. The Bat signal would be shining in the sky. Batman would be like “Fu#$ that”. “Hey Robin bring me another line of that shit”. Or imagine “The Incredible Hulk” all coked up. He’d rip through the whole fu#$ing city. Now I’m not to sure how the streets of Gotham City are on drugs, but I know New York has some good dope. So Spidey could keep himself high for years. Actually in the cartoon “Spiderman” there’s a criminal named “The Kingpin”. I think that says it all. So if any movie makers are out there. Here’s a good ideal. Not so much a coked up Superhero, but how about a stoner? Some fried out, weed smoking Superhero. I’d go see it. Well anyway another pointless blog, but hopefully you enjoyed it.

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