Tito Ortiz vs. Jenna Jameson. Stopped in the 1st round by police.

26 Apr

Apparently the UFC Ultimate Fighter coach Tito Ortiz, has gotten arrested for domestic violence on Jenna Jameson. It looks like he finally found someone that he could dominate. It’s not like he’s been a threat in the Octagon in the last few years. A decade ago “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was someone to fear in the Octagon. Now he’s nothing more then a fading fighter. In a sport that is evolving fast. I’m trying to figure out how the albino looking monkey, got with a porn star in the first place. Especially since he has the personality of a freshly laid pile of dog shit. A porn star and UFC fighter in a relationship? Sex and violence. It has controversy written all over it. I also wonder if since he is a UFC fighter he is a registered weapon. I guess Tito is cracking, knowing that Chuck Lidell is probably going to K.O. his ugly ass. Tito Ortiz what a turd. Anyone who abuses a woman is truly an ignorant butt nugget. And deserves to get that ass whooped. If he is guilty. I hope some inmate goes 5 rounds on that asshole. Jameson already said she was pressing charges. If I was Ortiz. I’d go back to reality TV. Or maybe Ortiz should hook up with Seagal and be training partners. Let them beat on and molest each other, instead of a bunch of women. So the way its looking. Tito is going to lose his woman, his upcoming fight, his ultimate fighter show, and his freedom. If I was him I would reconsider being such an asshole. Tito Ortiz “The Huntington bitch sad boy”………………….. I mean no disrespect to Huntington Beach. To be honest a lot of great fighters come from Huntington Beach, but Mr. Ortiz is nothing more than a big, stinky fart that will eventually disappear into the wind.

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