Eating a Mermaid or Aquaman. Cannibal or seafood lover ? Opinions needed.

24 Apr

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that these are fictional characters, but  I always wondered. If you ended up eating Aquaman would you be considered a cannibal ? Or if you caught a Mermaid, and deep fried its’ ass in a deep fryer. Would you get in trouble with the law ?And I wonder if they would taste like calamari ? See what I mean. Would you be considered a cannibal, or a seafood lover ? Technically they are not human, but they’re not fish either. They are humish. A mixture of human and fish. I always felt bad for Aquaman. There ain’t no hoes at the bottom of the ocean. At least none that are living. So his ass isn’t getting any pussy. That means he has no place to put his fish stick. Tobe honest I question if he even has a penis. If I sit in the bath or shower for a half an hour. My body wrinkles up like a day old prune.After 20 – 30 years of being submerged into water. I would guess that your penis would shrivel up into a useless slab of skin. Unless he finds companionship with a beluga whale, or giant squid. I would guess he is one of the only people who actually knows the meaning.”Tighter than fish pussy”. I guess every once in while a woman could go overboard, and get deserted in the middle of the ocean. Then he could summon up the power of his erection, but his sexual experiences are few and far between. No was for Mermaids. I would guess that they could have sex. As long as they are on dry land. So many questions that I will never get to know the answer to. Well anyway. If you have a strange question, or weird topic that you would like an opinionated story written about. Please feel free to hit me up. I like writing about meaningless things. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.

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