The power of vagina. For young and old alike.

23 Apr

I wish I knew then. What I know now. It’s amazing how many teachers. Have had sex with their students. And probably still are. The only thing I don’t understand is why the foolish students open up their mouths’. But I guess if I was tagging my teacher. I’d brag about that shit too. I remember that one teacher. She was hot. She had the kind of body. That would make the Pope kick out a stained glass window. If I had a teacher that looked like that, and she wanted my vibrant young love rod. I’d figure out a way that she could home school me. I guess some of the cases are a little bit more complicated. Like I remember the one teacher that was humping her students. So that she could convince them to kill her Husband, in the end. Once again the power of the vagina proves it has the ability to control the week minded. It’s almost like a Jedi mind trick. Honestly I don’t approve of it. Rather it be a Male or Female teacher. I’m just saying I wish I could go back. Now I could back and try to smooth talk my art teacher. Back then I didn’t think it was possible. But now a days I think my chances would be 50/50. My eyes have been opened up to a whole new generation of perversion. With everything from midget gang bangs to animal sex to even hardcore, ass pounding clown sex. I am no longer surprised what I hear about. On sex and relationships matters. I even heard of people have fetishes of letting other people take a dump on them. W.T.F. is that about ? How can you orgasm when someone is taking a leak, or pinching a loaf on your chest ? I don’t even like walking into the bathroom, after someone blows it up. Never the less let someone release a steamy hot turd on my chest hair. I really don’t understand it. The thing that gets me is the most. Is that everyone is surprised to hear that the S.T.D. rates rising. I’m no genius, but I think I know why. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and swing by again. Please feel free to tell me your opinion on the matter.

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