Police stealing evidence. Politicians are lying. And what can we do ?

22 Apr

How is it when I was 15 years old. I was arrested for 1 gram of marijuana. And you can bet your sweet ass that evidence didn’t go nowhere. Stayed locked up nice and tight. Yet there was a beating of a college student in Maryland. Amazingly the video disappeared. The funny thing was. The security guard in charge of the video. Was married to one of the police officers involved in the beating. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a pile of horse shit. Honestly what are the chances ? My question is why can’t they use another video of it ? Like one that was uploaded to you tube or something like that ? I came to the conclusion that this World is an F’ing mess. Can’t trust the cops. Can’t trust the church. Sure as hell can’t trust the politicians. And you can’t even let your woman get a job as Steven Seagals’ assistant. I’m waiting to see Dr. Phil to get arrested for car jacking. Or Oprah shank someone in their neck. The screwed up part is. I would no longer be surprised. I could probably trust a cracked out prostitutes words. Just as much as our own Presidents. I can honestly say that the shit going on now a days is absolutely mind boggling. Check out my video at the bottom of the page. On what is wrong with this f’d up World. Usually I try to write funny and stupid shit, but every once in while. You have to look at things in a serious matter. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.

………………………………TELL ME THIS ISN’T TRUE…………………………….

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