Its 4-20. Break out the pipes, papers, and bongs. 420 the day for stoners.

20 Apr

So it’s 4 – 20 once again. Honestly I remember when 420 started back in the days. I’m still unclear about what it exactly means, but in general it’s a harmless day. Just like I said a thousand times before. I’d much rather deal with some guy that’s stoned. Rather than a drunk or crack addict. I stopped smoking a little while back. Mainly because of me becoming a Father, and financial reasons. I still agree with the legalization of marijuana. The only bad decisions I ever made when I was high. Was food that I ate, and TV shows that I watched. I got myself into all kinds of shit drunk. Crying over a situation that 20 hours later or even 20 years later. You still say W.T.F. was I thinking. Fighting, puking, falling all over shit,  busting myself up. I’d rather smoke some weed, and not act like a complete ass nugget. I figure with the shit now a days. Like the celebrity scandals, issues with the church, and complete jerk wads we have in office. The government would want people to be stoned. I guess you never know what could happen, but unfortunately. I don’t see legalization, anytime soon. I uploaded a video for any stoner who runs across this article. I think its’ funny as shit. Anyway B-good. And have a good, safe 4-20……………………………. Click on the link at the bottom to see a stupid ass video

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