Larry King is a wrinkled pimp. Who would of guessed that ?

16 Apr

Who would have guessed that Larry King was a pimp ? He supposedly spent 100s’ of thousands of dollars on gifts, on his Wife’s’ Sister. What a wrinkly butt nugget. For a man who is suppose to be an intelligent individual. That was dumb ass move. Like having sex with the sheep. While the farmers still awake. I guess that it was Larry Kings’ pants trouser doing the thinking. I’ll tell you what Larry. Why don’t you give me a few hundred thousand, and tag my old lady ? I’m surprised Larry can still get his old wrinkly ball sack to bust, but more power to him. I feel bad for the Sister. She’s going to be known as the woman who had an affair with Larry King. That’s about as bad as a rap as being a terrorist. I mean getting caught with Tiger Woods or Jessy James. You can get away with. Yeah you might look like a whore monger, but at least you can still walk with your head up. Sleeping with Larry King. I think if I was a woman. That I’d rather eat a piece of freshly laid dog shit. I’m not surprised he ended up paying so much money out. He probably had to pay the bitch a car, just for a blow job. Getting laid when your Larry King probably isn’t easy. It’s probably easier for a midget with one foot, to slam dunk a basketball. Then it is for Larry King to get a piece of ass. Without paying any cash. I guess when your in the public eye. There’s always going to be someone that will be willing to kick it out. I guess every King needs a Queen. Just make sure she doesn’t have a Sister. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.


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