With politicians, celebrities, and the church. Who needs criminals ?

15 Apr

 I swear between the celebrities, and the church. No woman or child is safe. It seems to be an everyday thing. That there is always something new, on the news about it. Between the Vatican, and their love for young boys. And Steven Seagal and his love for sex slavery. It makes you wonder what’s going on. People use to look up to the Church. Now you couldn’t trust them to baby sit little Joey. And how can you have Steven Seagal. Especially with that show “Lawman” out. Keeping girls locked up for his sexual pleasure. If that is real I do hope someone leaves “Exit Wounds” in his anus in jail. You have to bad man to say you milested Steven Seagal. A little gay, but tough. Now  I can somewhat understand the Tiger Woods and Jessy James story. Two guys who couldn’t wait to slap their meat sticks into the nearest hoagie rolls. I’m not falling for the sexual addiction thing. Join about 86 million other men gentlemen. Plus I guarantee they relapse. You were famous. You were horny. They were willing. And if the golf cart is rocking. Don’t come a knocking. Plus you have Ben Roethlisberger. He wanted to penetrate a tight end. Instead he got sacked, and penalized. If he gets locked up. I hope someone spreads his goal posts, and goes for the touchdown. Then you have the guy who use to produce “Survivor”. He’s being charged with murdering his wife. I’m thinking that when the tribal counsel speaks. His ass isn’t getting off the island. I’m also gonna guess that the tribe. Is going to light his ass up, in that jail cell. Like a tribal bon fire. Don’t forget the politicians. A whole group of lying, cheating, and stealing uptight butt nuggets.Yet they control pretty much everything. What a World we live in. So much crazy shit is going on. I just think its’ absolutely amazing. Amazingly sickening. Please stop by again. Have a good 1.


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