Steven Seagals erection is “Hard to Kill”. Now the women are “Out for Justice”

14 Apr

So Steven Seagal is “Under Siege”. Being accused of having sex slaves ? That charge is going to be “Hard To Kill” from his profile. I know it’s sickening, but there’s something about it that just sounds funny. Just his whole demeanor is funny. Him and that greasy slicked back hair. Plus he’s plump now. Like a ripe tomato in Spring time. And those squinty little eyes. Like a beam of sunlight is constantly shining in his face. And I always remember him wearing those skin tight jeans. The kind that were so tight you could see the veins in his legs. And he had a look on his face that said he hasn’t shit in weeks. I’ve seen pretty much all of his movies. And I watched his show “Lawman” before. I thought it was a pretty good. But now he’s the one “On Deadly Ground”. I didn’t see this one coming to be honest. I could have seen a lot of other things. Assault, murder, maybe even a drunken disorderly but sex slaves ? I guess he kept them “Submerged” in his house. There were suppose to be employees. I guess that was a bad “Executive Decision” on their parts.  I would guess his martial arts, and large frame. Would give him a size-able advantage to mil-est a lot of people. I feel bad for his cell buddy if he does get convicted. What if in jail he gets horny, and realizes he has homosexual tendencies ? Would you want that as your cell mate? He could probably wrap you up in some submission maneuver, and grope your body. The only thing worse then getting humped by Steven Seagal. Would have him make passionate love to you, and there’s nothing you could do about it. Except get your shoulder, neck, and spine snapped in a millisecond. He’d be leaving “Exit Wounds” in your buttocks. Giving you a “Fire Down Below”. You’d have to sleep with a shank every night. Making sure his big, greasy ass wasn’t sneaking up on you. I really don’t know if the charges are legit, but I guess we’ll see. Because in the end the courts are “Out For Justice” – shop with the blue monkey and save – Just something I made
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