At Masters. Tiger needed to put some hair around them 18 holes. He’d got more birdies.

13 Apr

Honestly I have no remorse for Tiger Woods. So what he didn’t win the Masters. A lot of players didn’t. I bet if you slapped a little hair around them 18 holes. It would have been a whole new story. Of course there’s always the chance that he would have lost control, and humped the 13th hole. I would have liked to hear the commentary if that happened. “It looks like Tiger is approaching the 13th hole…… He appears to be pulling down his slacks……And he’s now inserting his penis into to hole…….Wow! Just look at that concentration on his face…….Ladies and Gentlemen.Tiger Woods must have one of the greatest strokes in PGA history.” Yeah he’s an amazing sex addicted golfer. It’s probably because he is always holding some kind of club in his hand. The guy is a multi millionaire who just can’t keep his 5 iron in his pants. Should he be criticised for it ? Not really. It’s an everyday problem, but for him to get away with saying he’s a sex addict is ridiculous though. I guess if he ends up relapsing. Make sure your daughters’ aren’t anywhere around. See if Jim down the street does the same thing that Tiger did to his wife. He doesn’t get those breaks that Tiger got. Nooo poor Jims’ ass better be prepared to kick out some alimony and child support. If you should feel bad for anyone that does that. Feel bad for the people who can’t afford it. But when they get caught. They are just cheating assholes. Who don’t deserve a second chance. Tiger gets more money to pick up his club. Then most people get paid in a week. Yet so many people feel bad for him. I just can’t. I see it happening again. If he ends playing around again. (Which I have my money on) Eventually some woman’s Husband will end up burying Tiger in the Woods. But here’s some simple advice for Mr. Woods. Not so much for his sexual urges, but for his Golf game. Just imagine every hole is a giant, sweet smelling vagina, and I guarantee he’ll have more birdies then ever. Other then that I’ll wait to see how it plays out.  I really don’t know what else to write. So I’m outta here. Please stop by again, and have a good 1….. Please feel free to sub too. – shop with the blue monkey and save – Just something I made
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