Midgets wrestling, midget M.M.A., midget dance shows. Where are the little people ?

9 Apr

Whatever happened to midget wrestling ? I remember when I was real young. They had little wrestlers, and they were cool. They would fly off the ropes. Climb the turnbuckles. All the good shit. I remember seeing some guy who was suppose to be a leprechaun, a little while back. Other then that. You don’t see any midget wrestlers anymore. they use to strut up to the ring. Crawl over the bottom rope, and kick some ass. I just want to see more sports involving little people. What I really want to see is a midget gymnastics. Think about it. Put that little ass up on those rings, and watch him spin around like a little tornado. Or some midget pole vaulting. Watch him fling his little ass 30 feet in the air. Just try and picture it. That shit would be awesome. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m fascinated with little people. I just find everything to be more entertaining with midgets. Why can’t there be a midget soap opera ? Or an all midget dance show ? You could call it short stepping. I’d even host the bitch. I’m also waiting to see the first midget M.M.A. fighter. I want to see the first guy who taps. Due to punches to the knee caps. Or I want to see the other fighter pick him up, and fling him out of the octagon. Whatever happened. It would be funny as shit. I use to think that was no such thing as a little gay. But after realizing that there are probably gay midgets. I take that statement back. Just like the old joke goes. What do you call a gay midget ? Sweet n’ low. Honestly I don’t know why I write these things, but I enjoy them. Hopefully I did not offend anyone. That was not my intention. I just enjoy messing around. Swing on by again. please feel free to sub me too.

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