George Bush, Bill Clinton, and John McCain in a freestyle rap battle.

8 Apr

 I always wanted to see politicians go at, it in a free style rap battle. Like I want to see George Bush kick it freestyle against Bill Clinton. Or Bill O’Reilly against Anderson Cooper. I just want to a bunch of uptight butt nuggets (minus Clinton) go at it gangsta style. I want to see them wearing a whole bunch of bling. Trying to flow with the beat. Have like John McClain calling someones’ Mamma a Ho. Talking about how he tapped some beotch doggiestyle. Maybe even have Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Dressed in some booty shorts. Shaking dat ass on the stage. Dick Chaney rapping about he took that mo-fo out with a shot gun. The only upbeat political people I could think of, who might try it is. Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. It’s not the same though. I want one of people who act like there’s always a big turd stuck in their intestines. Like a Donald Trump kind of guy. The kind of guy who you could shove a vibrator in his ass. And it wouldn’t even effect his handwriting. You know. One of those uptight boners that are running are Country. I also wouldn’t mind to see Barack Obama and Colin Powell join up. To redo “Jump, Jump” by Kriss Kross. Chances are it will never happen, but it would be cool. They should do it, and raise money for charity. It would be nice for once. For them to actually have to act like assholes in public. Usually they just make asses of themselves. So how do you feel ? How would you like to see a political freestyle rap battle ? Hit me up. Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to sub.


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