A Nightmare on Elm Street is back. 80’s horror movies kick ass.

7 Apr

A new Nightmare on Elms Street ? That’s awesome ! I was always a fan of Freddy Krueger. I’m actually kind of surprised, but I guess you can’t beat the classic 80’s horror flick. They did have some cool horror movies in the 80’s. They had some characters too. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Pumpkin head, and The Candy-man. They are the ones I remember the most. I always found “The Nightmare on Elm Street” to be the freakiest. A burned up child molester starts to invade  your dreams. That’s just insane. I guess you could always just give the Pope second degree burns, and the keys to your house. You would get pretty much the same effect. Jason was cool too. Honestly though anyone six foot ten. With a hockey mask and a machete, is pretty f’ing scary. Just put Shaq in a mask. Hand him a machete, and send him in the middle of the forest to stalk a bunch of unarmed teens. What I never understood is how he always came back ? If I was the man who killed one of those horror film villains. Man I’d chop his ass up and run him through a wood chipper. Spread Jasons ass all over Camp Crystal Lake. I always figured I’d never have to worry about Freddy Krueger. He’d get one glimpse of my life and realize. This guys life’s a f’ing nightmare as is. Plus I might be to old for Freddy. I guess my tender rump isn’t appealing to a sixty year old, burnt up pedophile. Anyway though, I’m pretty psyched. Like I said i always enjoyed the 80’s horror flick. I’m pretty sure it’ll be an awesome movie. Get away from all the weird, freaky black magic horror shit that’s been playing. And go back to good old slash em’ and thrash em’ 80’s horror flick. Let the next generation check it out. Other then that. I don’t really have anything to say. Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you will swing by again. 


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