CNN Top Stories gave me the boot. Butt nuggets. No comments for me.

5 Apr

          Last week I posted on CNN for the first time. It ended up being the last time I was able to post on CNN. It was a story on the sex abuse scandal in the Church. Honestly the story was sickening enough as is. It’s horrible when a man of the cloth. Who is suppose to be one of the most trusted people in the world. Does anything sexually related to a child. Then for it to happen multiple times, and get covered up. Come on. What comment could possible ban you. Well apparently a couple of old jokes could do the job fast. I ended up posting. How do you get a Nun pregnant ? You dress her as an alter boy. Or what does a priest and tuna fish have in common ? They both cum in little cans. Honestly I guess they are pretty rank. So I will say that they are only jokes. Please forgive me if I offended anyone. Compared to the story it’s nothing. Just words combined into a sentence. The story they printed was real. Real people were involved. Real emotions and human well being were completely messed with. I have been in trouble in my past. But I can say I never abused a woman or child. I might of flipped some tables, and pissed on the counter at Denny’s. But I never did the shit that these people did. I understand why people doubt and refuse religion. Just like the world. It’s becoming untrustable and unsafe. Plus I never understood this. In the Bible it states. “You should worship no man, but me.” Yet the pope allows people to bow down to him, and even kiss his ring ? It sounds contradicting to me. So CNN wants to boot me for a couple of innocent, goofy statements ? So be it. Just a bunch of uptight butt nuggets anyway. Thanks for stopping by. This one is just a passing thought. I have a lot more humorous posts. Swing on by. Be good.  CNN now stands for. Creamy Nose Nuggets.




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