News Flash. Justin Bieber has diarrhea. More tonight at six.

2 Apr

I want to know how such pitiful news can make front headlines. I’ll watch the news and hear something like.”A hurricane destroys a whole city. Thousands are dead.” Then they’ll cut over to something like.”Jay Z caught wiping a booger on his jeans. More at six.” I mean. What the hell ? I don’t care if Paris Hiltons’ dog pooped in a Starbucks. Or that Justin Bieber ate some rancid potato salad, and now has diarrhea. I can’t believe that stuff get front page recognition. Why not just post the trash I write on Google or Yahoo homepage ? Another thing I can’t understand. Is the overly obsessive fans. The ones that would carve the name Nick Jonas in their arm, because they think it will bring their souls closer together. I’ve had my fads. There has been people I enjoyed. Like movie stars, actors, and singers. I never got obsessed. I never once broke down crying at a concert. Screaming “I LOVE YOU” as a group of security guards carried me off stage. Or pass out on the floor. That hundreds of people put their dirty ass shoes all over. Okay I have done it before, but I blame the alcohol. It’s just like if Sandra Bullock falls down, and breaks her ankle. It will be on the first page of every paper and homepage. Yet Jim down the street could get put in a full body cast. His ass won’t even be in the local neighborhood paper. What makes Sandra Bullock more important then Jim ? Has Sandra Bullock ever done anything for you ? Poor Jim has a family to feed, and doesn’t have a 7 figure bank account. I think Jim needs some front page exposure. I’m going to be honest with you. I have no idea why I write about. What I write about, but I enjoy it. If you have your two cents you want to through in. Feel free to jot it down. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good one. 


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