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Our decaying society. What a shit hole.

30 Apr

The decaying society we live in. As I watching T.V. the other day. A commercial came on for furthering your education. Apparently one of the fastest growing fields is in criminal justice. I think that says it all. That just means more crime, really. I don’t want to sound like an uptight butt nugget, but I can see how the society is slowly self destructing. With lying politicians, celebrity downfalls, molesting priests, dirty police, and just everyday media. Simply put you are product of your environment. I mean look at your choice in music now a days. it is either a pop teen sensation or gangsta rap, and because of that. Everybody either wants to be a diva or a  bad ass. I watched a interview with Justin Bieber. And he was like “Yo this”, and “Yo that”. Lets be honest. He’s a good performer, but wanting to sound like a hard ass. Come on. I could still pick him up, and spank his ass like a child. Because even with the mega fame. He’s still just a kid. People put to much emphasis on celebrities in their lives. Liking someones acting or singing is understandable. But people get obsessed. I bet if someone like Justin Bieber read this, and got pissed off. He could put a hit out on my head. And some asshole would actually try to do it. Just to show their love for their hero. Who in 2 years will be completely replaced, by some other new singing sensation. Shit makes no sense to me. Add that together with all the other bullshit going on, and makes you wonder where we’re headed. Just look at sex. Don’t get me wrong I love sex, even with a little freakishness. But it use to be such a harmless thing, but I think its turned into an obsession. Creating rapists, and child molesters. I mean honestly have you ever surfed around porno sites ? They have some shit I can’t believe. The only thing I haven’t seen is people having sex with aquatic animals, but that’s probably because no one has uploaded a video yet. I swear If 2012 doesn’t take us out. We’ll end up taking ourselves out one way or another. Hopefully people will realize that change is needed, and be able to separate their fantasy from their reality. Or else the destruction of the World will truly become inevitable. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.


Drug addicted and mentally impaired Superheros.

29 Apr
I was cruising on you tube the other day. I came across this video. It had several different versions to it. With several different titles, but my favorite was called “Retarded Batman”. ( I put the link at the bottom. If you wanted to see it ) The other one was called “Batman on Drugs”.I laughed my ass off at it. It made me remember that cheesy ass movie “Handyman” with Damon Wayne. It was a spin off of the skit that use to be on “In Livin’ Color”. It made me think. What if someone like Spiderman or Batman got brain damage, and wanted to continue their crusade to stop crime? That would make for a pretty funny spoof. Or what if they hooked on drugs. Like they busted in and defeated a huge drug ring. And they couldn’t resist the temptation of the 60 kilo. of dope they had sitting in front them. They’d be all fu#$ed up. The Bat signal would be shining in the sky. Batman would be like “Fu#$ that”. “Hey Robin bring me another line of that shit”. Or imagine “The Incredible Hulk” all coked up. He’d rip through the whole fu#$ing city. Now I’m not to sure how the streets of Gotham City are on drugs, but I know New York has some good dope. So Spidey could keep himself high for years. Actually in the cartoon “Spiderman” there’s a criminal named “The Kingpin”. I think that says it all. So if any movie makers are out there. Here’s a good ideal. Not so much a coked up Superhero, but how about a stoner? Some fried out, weed smoking Superhero. I’d go see it. Well anyway another pointless blog, but hopefully you enjoyed it.

Tito Ortiz is not guilty. Lying skank. She made me write a bullshit story.

28 Apr

I have to say that jumped the gun. And it’s screwed up. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said, that you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. That’s exactly what I did with the Tito Ortiz/Jenna Jameson scandal. So I have to apologize that for that one. Even though I write these things just for fun. I still like to feel that the information should be at least somewhat  correct. To me it’s now looking like the porn star is addicted to oxy cotin. A porn star on pain pills. I guess she shouldn’t have let her ass get ripped apart for 30 years. And I now think Ortiz got the short end of the stick. I’m still not a fan of “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” and I still think he’s an ass munch. But you can cross woman beater off the list. I highly doubt this charge is going to effect his U.F.C. career. If anything now he has some aggression to work off. I still don’t see him beating Chuck Lidell in his upcoming fight. And I still don’t see him as a threat in the Octagon anymore. The albino gorilla has lost his primitive ambition. The talent that’s in the U.F.C. now a days is amazing. Especially in the light heavyweight division. So hopefully Titos’ popularity as a fighter will land him somewhere in the entertainment industry. With his neanderthal personality, and gorilla like features. He’d make an awesome model for National Geographic. But honestly I can say I feel bad for the guy. Getting wrongfully accused sucks. So I guess I’ll just see how this one turns out. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.

Tito Ortiz vs. Jenna Jameson. Stopped in the 1st round by police.

26 Apr

Apparently the UFC Ultimate Fighter coach Tito Ortiz, has gotten arrested for domestic violence on Jenna Jameson. It looks like he finally found someone that he could dominate. It’s not like he’s been a threat in the Octagon in the last few years. A decade ago “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was someone to fear in the Octagon. Now he’s nothing more then a fading fighter. In a sport that is evolving fast. I’m trying to figure out how the albino looking monkey, got with a porn star in the first place. Especially since he has the personality of a freshly laid pile of dog shit. A porn star and UFC fighter in a relationship? Sex and violence. It has controversy written all over it. I also wonder if since he is a UFC fighter he is a registered weapon. I guess Tito is cracking, knowing that Chuck Lidell is probably going to K.O. his ugly ass. Tito Ortiz what a turd. Anyone who abuses a woman is truly an ignorant butt nugget. And deserves to get that ass whooped. If he is guilty. I hope some inmate goes 5 rounds on that asshole. Jameson already said she was pressing charges. If I was Ortiz. I’d go back to reality TV. Or maybe Ortiz should hook up with Seagal and be training partners. Let them beat on and molest each other, instead of a bunch of women. So the way its looking. Tito is going to lose his woman, his upcoming fight, his ultimate fighter show, and his freedom. If I was him I would reconsider being such an asshole. Tito Ortiz “The Huntington bitch sad boy”………………….. I mean no disrespect to Huntington Beach. To be honest a lot of great fighters come from Huntington Beach, but Mr. Ortiz is nothing more than a big, stinky fart that will eventually disappear into the wind.

Eating a Mermaid or Aquaman. Cannibal or seafood lover ? Opinions needed.

24 Apr

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that these are fictional characters, but  I always wondered. If you ended up eating Aquaman would you be considered a cannibal ? Or if you caught a Mermaid, and deep fried its’ ass in a deep fryer. Would you get in trouble with the law ?And I wonder if they would taste like calamari ? See what I mean. Would you be considered a cannibal, or a seafood lover ? Technically they are not human, but they’re not fish either. They are humish. A mixture of human and fish. I always felt bad for Aquaman. There ain’t no hoes at the bottom of the ocean. At least none that are living. So his ass isn’t getting any pussy. That means he has no place to put his fish stick. Tobe honest I question if he even has a penis. If I sit in the bath or shower for a half an hour. My body wrinkles up like a day old prune.After 20 – 30 years of being submerged into water. I would guess that your penis would shrivel up into a useless slab of skin. Unless he finds companionship with a beluga whale, or giant squid. I would guess he is one of the only people who actually knows the meaning.”Tighter than fish pussy”. I guess every once in while a woman could go overboard, and get deserted in the middle of the ocean. Then he could summon up the power of his erection, but his sexual experiences are few and far between. No was for Mermaids. I would guess that they could have sex. As long as they are on dry land. So many questions that I will never get to know the answer to. Well anyway. If you have a strange question, or weird topic that you would like an opinionated story written about. Please feel free to hit me up. I like writing about meaningless things. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.

The power of vagina. For young and old alike.

23 Apr

I wish I knew then. What I know now. It’s amazing how many teachers. Have had sex with their students. And probably still are. The only thing I don’t understand is why the foolish students open up their mouths’. But I guess if I was tagging my teacher. I’d brag about that shit too. I remember that one teacher. She was hot. She had the kind of body. That would make the Pope kick out a stained glass window. If I had a teacher that looked like that, and she wanted my vibrant young love rod. I’d figure out a way that she could home school me. I guess some of the cases are a little bit more complicated. Like I remember the one teacher that was humping her students. So that she could convince them to kill her Husband, in the end. Once again the power of the vagina proves it has the ability to control the week minded. It’s almost like a Jedi mind trick. Honestly I don’t approve of it. Rather it be a Male or Female teacher. I’m just saying I wish I could go back. Now I could back and try to smooth talk my art teacher. Back then I didn’t think it was possible. But now a days I think my chances would be 50/50. My eyes have been opened up to a whole new generation of perversion. With everything from midget gang bangs to animal sex to even hardcore, ass pounding clown sex. I am no longer surprised what I hear about. On sex and relationships matters. I even heard of people have fetishes of letting other people take a dump on them. W.T.F. is that about ? How can you orgasm when someone is taking a leak, or pinching a loaf on your chest ? I don’t even like walking into the bathroom, after someone blows it up. Never the less let someone release a steamy hot turd on my chest hair. I really don’t understand it. The thing that gets me is the most. Is that everyone is surprised to hear that the S.T.D. rates rising. I’m no genius, but I think I know why. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and swing by again. Please feel free to tell me your opinion on the matter.

Police stealing evidence. Politicians are lying. And what can we do ?

22 Apr

How is it when I was 15 years old. I was arrested for 1 gram of marijuana. And you can bet your sweet ass that evidence didn’t go nowhere. Stayed locked up nice and tight. Yet there was a beating of a college student in Maryland. Amazingly the video disappeared. The funny thing was. The security guard in charge of the video. Was married to one of the police officers involved in the beating. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a pile of horse shit. Honestly what are the chances ? My question is why can’t they use another video of it ? Like one that was uploaded to you tube or something like that ? I came to the conclusion that this World is an F’ing mess. Can’t trust the cops. Can’t trust the church. Sure as hell can’t trust the politicians. And you can’t even let your woman get a job as Steven Seagals’ assistant. I’m waiting to see Dr. Phil to get arrested for car jacking. Or Oprah shank someone in their neck. The screwed up part is. I would no longer be surprised. I could probably trust a cracked out prostitutes words. Just as much as our own Presidents. I can honestly say that the shit going on now a days is absolutely mind boggling. Check out my video at the bottom of the page. On what is wrong with this f’d up World. Usually I try to write funny and stupid shit, but every once in while. You have to look at things in a serious matter. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good 1.

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