Ricky Martin Super Gay. Brings a new meaning to Living La Vida Loca.

30 Mar

So Ricky Martin is gay ? I’m not surprises, and to be honest I’m not extremely interested. Maybe a decade ago it would have been impressive. Now I do have one question. If he’s gay. In that song “Living la vida loca.” Does that mean he was ram roded by a black transvestite ? It says her skin was the color of moca, but we all know that isn’t true now. At-least the her part. So I’m now looking at the song like this. He met some black transvestite. Got hammered up. Got his buttocks tapped, and then got robbed while he was passed out. To top it all off it was a #1 hit. Don’t you feel so violated now ? We were played by Ricky Martin. Like I said though. I’m not really interested to much. I want a surprising come out of the closet story. Like George Bush getting caught giving a hand-job to some strong, handsome lad. I was more surprised when George Michael was caught in the butt, butt boogie. Then I was Ricky Martin. The George Michael thing bothered me too. Those songs he had. Like that song “Faith.” In the beginning it says. “Oh wouldn’t it be nice. If I could touch your body.” No thanks George. My ass is fine as is. Then the other song goes.” I could be your Father figure. Put your tiny hands in mine.” George Michael will never be allowed to babysit my son. I don’t know though. It seems like coming out of the closet doesn’t surprise me. Compared to the Church scandals and other sick perverted crimes. I guess you are who you are, but if your not hurting anybody. Who should be the one to judge ? Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come by again.


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