Police on Facebook, and other social sites like myspace and twitter

29 Mar

So the F.B.I. and the police are on Facebook. I’m just not shocked at all. The thing that gets me the worst is that everyone seems to be surprised. I want to know what idiot writes on his buddies walls. “Bro coming down with 5 pounds of weed this weekend. Wees gonna get fucked up.” Or “Yo. I got that kilo of that grade A cocaine. Look out for the UPS truck.” If your that stupid. You deserve to get busted. Might as well post an event for it. Let the cops know exactly when and where while your at it. Put it on your news feed why don’t you ? The Internet is public, and if they want to find out what’s  going on. They will. People might not believe this, but off the clock cops have lives too. There are probably thousands of them on Facebook and Myspace, and it probably only took 1 idiot to put it out there, and whammo booked by Facebook. Like I said though if your that stupid. Then you kind of deserve it. I got an idea for people. Post a video of you stabbing someone on You Tube. Or molesting a puppy. You’d probably get a million hits, but that ass might get a million hits in that jail cell. I’m no genius, but the dumbness of some amaze me. Next time you want to make a drug deal. Use a phone. Maybe even a private e mail message. Don’t post that shit on a network with over 300,000,000 million users. Try Twitter. Hit your friends up with one of these messages #igotsdadope. Or #theweedsindamail. The worse part is people will still do it, and still be surprised when they get caught. Idiots are all around us. I might be moron, but not even I would be that stupid. Thanks for stopping by. If you get bored. Hit up one of my sites.


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