Howard Stern vs. Maury Povich in a U.F.C. Fight

26 Mar
I always wanted to see an all out U.F.C. fight between Howard Stern and Maury Povich. The King of Talk Radio versus The King of Paternity Tests. They’re pretty close to the same size. I would like to say that Howard Stern would take the fight, but maybe not. Maury has those Connie Chung relations. He might know all that Jui Jitsu and Maui Tai. Imagine getting your ass whooped by Maury Povich. That’s like getting bitch slapped by Prince. You try to push Maury. Next thing you know you get chopped in the throat, and round-housed kicked in the temple. Then he’d be standing over you. “Whose your Daddy now.” That would suck. I would like to see some celebrity U.F.C. though. Like maybe Nick Jonas versus Justin Bieber. Or Nicholas Cage versus Matt Damon. That would be awesome. My dream match is no longer possible. It would have been Michael Jackson versus Prince. That would’ve been one crotch rocking fight. Another good one would be Gary Busey versus Nick Nolte. I know I’ll probably never get to see it, but it would be some great entertainment. Other then that. B good, and if you get bored. Check out one of my other sites. I have everything from social to shopping, and from freaky to informative. Thanks. ( strange and bizarre blogs & stories ) ( just an extra page I designed for my web store ) – soon to be ( I figured why not start a little social site )

One Response to “Howard Stern vs. Maury Povich in a U.F.C. Fight”

  1. filipobugatti March 28, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    When I read these stories, they make me laugh, but when i think that this actually happened to people i almost
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    Posts start with ‘Today’ and end with ‘FNL‘. The site is meant to be fun to read and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

    You may or may not have seen this site.

    This shit is priceless on here. Whether it’s made up or not…I can’t really say. Regardless some of these drops (samples after the break) are hilarious.
    What it is, is when some fucked up event that happens to you, or that you experience, you post it up there anonymously and people decide if your life is eph’d or if you deserve it…

    Peep game:

    Today, my boyfriend was tapping on my thigh to the beat of the music when we were driving to dinner. When I asked him what he was doing he replied, “Just watching the ripples.” FNL

    Today, I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her exiting her room….my electric tothbrush in her hand. FNL

    Today, on the crowded train, a cute guy called me over and told me to stand next to him because there were less people there. We started talking, but he left before I could get his number. Just when I was about to tell my friends about it, I find out that he stole my phone. FNL

    Today, a customer at one of my tables left his phone number and a smiley face on the credit card slip. I was completely flattered until I looked at the bottom of the slip and realized that he had left me a $0.26 tip. FNL

    Today, my boss fired me via text message. I don’t have a text messaging plan. I paid $0.25 to get fired. FNL

    Today, I ran out of underwear and so I went into my mom’s drawer to borrow a pair from her. It was then that I found out my mom uses the same vibrator as I do. FNL

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    Today, I looked at the facebook of the girl I really liked, and I saw she wrote on her friend’s wall “Last night was the biggest mistake of my life.” We hooked up last night. FNL

    Today, the girl I love and I went to visit my parents out of state for the first time. My father grinned and acknowledged that she was a “keeper”, at which she laughed and said we were “just friends”. I was going to propose to her next week. FNL

    Theres plenty more, all I know is that this site is one hell of a time waster.
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