Funniest shows on tv. Even though they’re not suppose to be.

23 Mar
I love watching things like “Worlds Scariest Police Chases.” My favorite part is when you get some drunk. In an 1982 Chevy Cavalier, with a donut. Trying to out run six cop cars, and a helicopter. What an asshole. I also like when they catch the high end people. Like a principle or a priest. It has to be embarrassing being a principle, and not being able to say your alphabet. It’s even better when they catch them on that “To Catch a Predator.” That shit cracks me up. ” I just thought they needed a friend.” That’s what most of them say. Then the guy finds alcohol and condoms on them. What a bunch of jerk wads. It’s funny though. Some guy walks in thinking he’s going to bang out some twelve year old. Instead his ass goes to jail. You play, you pay. You sick pedophile. I like when they actually think the guy is going to let them leave. Then the priceless look on their face when they get busted. I bet they never thought twelve year old pussy felt like handcuffs and a felony charge. I want to see ” To Catch a Predator – Animal Edition.” Where they sneak up on unsuspected farmers having sex with a cow. Or see an episode of cheaters. Where the bitch is cheating on her man with a horse, or some other fluffy animal. I don’t know why, but I just think this kind of shit is funny. Anyway. Thanks for stopping by, and hit me up again. Swing on by and check out one of my sites. I have pretty much everything from shopping to social, and freaky to informative. ( strange and bizarre blogs & stories ) ( just an extra page I designed for my web store ) – soon to be ( I figured why not start a little social site )

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