Hot Wings and Draft Beer. Just a good old funny story.

18 Mar
          I remember when I was younger I drank draft beer, and ate atomic hot wings. I was a big time partier back in the days so I never really noticed the outcome. I haven’t touched any spicy foods or beer in years. Well the other night I decided to have a couple of beers and munch on some hot wings. I learned pretty quick why I stopped the combination. I had to use the bathroom in the morning. As soon as my ass checks hit the seat, WHAMMO. It all came back to me. The feeling of pure heat seeping out of your buttocks. Like the Human Torch was taking a ride through my intestines. I sat there. Helpless. Mainly because I knew if I got up. I’d be sitting right back down. So I just cut the middle man out, and sat there shooting flames out my ass. I do have say that the hot wings and blue cheese combo was tasty. But is it worth the torture of singeing your rectum ? I’m not a big fan of feeling a painful burn when I sit on the throne. So I’ll stick with something milder. Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably do it again. There’s just something about that spicy food that’s like an addiction. Other then that. If you stuck around and read this whole thing. Thank you, and try and have a good day. Remember if you eat something that’s spicy and sweet. Then on the toilet you’ll be feeling the heat. 

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