Dogg the Bounty Hunter should be an 80’s Rock Band

17 Mar

 The other night I was watching the show Dogg the Bounty Hunter. I started tripping out because as you see them walking down the street, they look like some pumped up 80’s rock band. Don’t get me wrong they handle their business, but damn they look funny. It’s almost like watching Bon Jovi or someone like that running down on crack addicts. They got to be good bounty hunters because you can see that posse coming from a mile away, but they always get em. For goodness sake Dogg still has a mullet. And I question how his wife can run at all. Her chest has to weigh like 90 pounds. It’s a cool show but next time you check them out look at the pure 80’s style they’re sporting. I’m thinking about getting a few buddies together, slapping on some tight ass leather outfits. Get a bounty hunters license and running down on criminals. 

          I also like that operation repo shows. Some overweight Latinos, an over jacked guy that looks like a fish, and the smooth operator. I like it when the guy who thinks a badass gets pushed around. He becomes such a weak terd. They do get the job done, and I guess that’s why they got the show. They must make some money too, because not having money for food is not an issue for them. I just have a couple of overweight Latinos that know how to steal cars. That shouldn’t be that hard. 


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