New Online Social Community coming soon

12 Mar
          New social website opening. is a new social community that is opening soon. Create forums, groups, find and invite friends, and have fun. There is also a section for you to post your business or personal link. Check out the side bar to watch tv, listen to music, or play games. I know that there are a lot of cool social websites out there so why not one more ? Add videos and  post your pictures either privately or publicly. This is a website that the community will build from ground zero up, and even add ideas and applications to it to make it better. Come on in and invite your friends. Create the next generation in social communities. Where the community makes the decisions. Right now you can find it at but after being finalized it will be . Please stop on by, sign in, and start building the next social community. Try something different.
          If you want to check out some new stuff here are a couple of links. For some cool new blogs and stories check out For some cool, new, weird entertainment check out Shop online easily and safely at, and learn tips and tricks about how to grow your online business at

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