Does a snicker really satisfy ? A Quick little funny story for today

1 Mar (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)
        Does a Snickers really satisfy ? They might be delicious and everything, but do they satisfy ? Lets just say some guy that has been stranded in the desert, or help captive. He comes crawling in the room and he has the choice of a medium pizza or a snickers bar. What one do you think he would take. I don’t care if it’s packed with peanuts, it’s not going to satisfy. Now the pizza might do the job, and they never claim to satisfy. Yeah it’s a catchy slogan, but have they been lying to us for years ? The conspiracy of the snickers bar slogan deepens. I question their honesty now.
        You know what else I never fell for. The what would you doOOoo for a Klondike bar. I’m not barking like a dog in the middle of the street for a $0.79 ice cream. Hell I might not even pay the $.79 for it. I’d probably just a buy a chocolate eclair. I don’t even think that Klondikes are that good. And what’s up with York peppermint patty. I’ve never bitten into a peppermint patty and then felt like I was on top of the Swiss Alps playing some six foot bugle horn. At best I might take a bit and say “Hey this is pretty good.”
        You remember that old tootsie pop commercial ? The one with owl. “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” Then the owl eats the kids lolly pop. I would of shot that owl. I’d of been like “WHAT MR. OWL !!! YOU WANNA STEAL MY SHIT!!!” Then pumped his ass full of shells. Honestly he stole the kids tootsie pop. Poor little kid was just asking a question and got his shit took. What an ass. Anyway I really don’t know why I wrote this, but I kind of enjoyed it.

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