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Ricky Martin Super Gay. Brings a new meaning to Living La Vida Loca.

30 Mar

So Ricky Martin is gay ? I’m not surprises, and to be honest I’m not extremely interested. Maybe a decade ago it would have been impressive. Now I do have one question. If he’s gay. In that song “Living la vida loca.” Does that mean he was ram roded by a black transvestite ? It says her skin was the color of moca, but we all know that isn’t true now. At-least the her part. So I’m now looking at the song like this. He met some black transvestite. Got hammered up. Got his buttocks tapped, and then got robbed while he was passed out. To top it all off it was a #1 hit. Don’t you feel so violated now ? We were played by Ricky Martin. Like I said though. I’m not really interested to much. I want a surprising come out of the closet story. Like George Bush getting caught giving a hand-job to some strong, handsome lad. I was more surprised when George Michael was caught in the butt, butt boogie. Then I was Ricky Martin. The George Michael thing bothered me too. Those songs he had. Like that song “Faith.” In the beginning it says. “Oh wouldn’t it be nice. If I could touch your body.” No thanks George. My ass is fine as is. Then the other song goes.” I could be your Father figure. Put your tiny hands in mine.” George Michael will never be allowed to babysit my son. I don’t know though. It seems like coming out of the closet doesn’t surprise me. Compared to the Church scandals and other sick perverted crimes. I guess you are who you are, but if your not hurting anybody. Who should be the one to judge ? Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come by again.


Police on Facebook, and other social sites like myspace and twitter

29 Mar

So the F.B.I. and the police are on Facebook. I’m just not shocked at all. The thing that gets me the worst is that everyone seems to be surprised. I want to know what idiot writes on his buddies walls. “Bro coming down with 5 pounds of weed this weekend. Wees gonna get fucked up.” Or “Yo. I got that kilo of that grade A cocaine. Look out for the UPS truck.” If your that stupid. You deserve to get busted. Might as well post an event for it. Let the cops know exactly when and where while your at it. Put it on your news feed why don’t you ? The Internet is public, and if they want to find out what’s  going on. They will. People might not believe this, but off the clock cops have lives too. There are probably thousands of them on Facebook and Myspace, and it probably only took 1 idiot to put it out there, and whammo booked by Facebook. Like I said though if your that stupid. Then you kind of deserve it. I got an idea for people. Post a video of you stabbing someone on You Tube. Or molesting a puppy. You’d probably get a million hits, but that ass might get a million hits in that jail cell. I’m no genius, but the dumbness of some amaze me. Next time you want to make a drug deal. Use a phone. Maybe even a private e mail message. Don’t post that shit on a network with over 300,000,000 million users. Try Twitter. Hit your friends up with one of these messages #igotsdadope. Or #theweedsindamail. The worse part is people will still do it, and still be surprised when they get caught. Idiots are all around us. I might be moron, but not even I would be that stupid. Thanks for stopping by. If you get bored. Hit up one of my sites.


Howard Stern vs. Maury Povich in a U.F.C. Fight

26 Mar
I always wanted to see an all out U.F.C. fight between Howard Stern and Maury Povich. The King of Talk Radio versus The King of Paternity Tests. They’re pretty close to the same size. I would like to say that Howard Stern would take the fight, but maybe not. Maury has those Connie Chung relations. He might know all that Jui Jitsu and Maui Tai. Imagine getting your ass whooped by Maury Povich. That’s like getting bitch slapped by Prince. You try to push Maury. Next thing you know you get chopped in the throat, and round-housed kicked in the temple. Then he’d be standing over you. “Whose your Daddy now.” That would suck. I would like to see some celebrity U.F.C. though. Like maybe Nick Jonas versus Justin Bieber. Or Nicholas Cage versus Matt Damon. That would be awesome. My dream match is no longer possible. It would have been Michael Jackson versus Prince. That would’ve been one crotch rocking fight. Another good one would be Gary Busey versus Nick Nolte. I know I’ll probably never get to see it, but it would be some great entertainment. Other then that. B good, and if you get bored. Check out one of my other sites. I have everything from social to shopping, and from freaky to informative. Thanks. ( strange and bizarre blogs & stories ) ( just an extra page I designed for my web store ) – soon to be ( I figured why not start a little social site )

Does sex keep a relationship together ?

25 Mar
Sometimes I wonder if the loving is worth all the B.S. I’m not an argumentative person, but somehow it’s a never ending thing. I consistently argue. I swear I can into an argument about a hard boiled egg. I take so much shit. I feel like a construction site spot a pot. Am I the only one? The thing is that even after 7 years. We still hump like rabbits. It’s some good stuff too. Is it worth the frustration though of ripping each others head off everyday. I’ve been in some whacked out relationships, but this is the most insane by far. Usually when I argue. I can count on getting no booty. This one is different. It’s like sex is the only way we communicate peacefully. I could probably smack her in the head with a lead pipe. But by the time night comes she’ll be ready to to go. It’s some weird shit. I’ve heard of love hate relationships, but where do you draw the line? I guess that only time will tell. Even if someone tells you something anyway. In the end you make your own decisions. Luckily right now it’s night time. So it’s time to take off the gloves, and slip on the rubber. This morning I we wanted each other dead. Now I want that ass in bed. This morning I made her sick. Now she wants my dick. Life is confusing. 
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Funniest shows on tv. Even though they’re not suppose to be.

23 Mar
I love watching things like “Worlds Scariest Police Chases.” My favorite part is when you get some drunk. In an 1982 Chevy Cavalier, with a donut. Trying to out run six cop cars, and a helicopter. What an asshole. I also like when they catch the high end people. Like a principle or a priest. It has to be embarrassing being a principle, and not being able to say your alphabet. It’s even better when they catch them on that “To Catch a Predator.” That shit cracks me up. ” I just thought they needed a friend.” That’s what most of them say. Then the guy finds alcohol and condoms on them. What a bunch of jerk wads. It’s funny though. Some guy walks in thinking he’s going to bang out some twelve year old. Instead his ass goes to jail. You play, you pay. You sick pedophile. I like when they actually think the guy is going to let them leave. Then the priceless look on their face when they get busted. I bet they never thought twelve year old pussy felt like handcuffs and a felony charge. I want to see ” To Catch a Predator – Animal Edition.” Where they sneak up on unsuspected farmers having sex with a cow. Or see an episode of cheaters. Where the bitch is cheating on her man with a horse, or some other fluffy animal. I don’t know why, but I just think this kind of shit is funny. Anyway. Thanks for stopping by, and hit me up again. Swing on by and check out one of my sites. I have pretty much everything from shopping to social, and freaky to informative. ( strange and bizarre blogs & stories ) ( just an extra page I designed for my web store ) – soon to be ( I figured why not start a little social site )

The Ultimate Asshole Guide

22 Mar
How to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. I have looked back on my life, and realized that I am a master in this subject. I have learned that the #1 way to make an ass out of yourself. Begins like this. It has been about 15 beers and 10 – 12 shots since the night began. You find yourself staggering along some stage singing Don Mcleans “American Pie” on karaoke. After you slur the words of the song you fall down the stairs and yell “SONOVA BITS”. You find yourself in the middle of an argument. As you began to cry to some stranger about something that happened to you 15 years ago. Even though your slurring so bad no one can understand you. You then stagger to the bathroom, as a group of people laugh at you. In a fit of drunken rage you smash a bunch of stuff. The next thing you know your in the police station with vomit all on your clothes.
That was probably my most ultimate asshole moment. If you are curious I do not drink anymore. I actually have a son, and am actually a good Father. Financially I could be better, but I do my best. There are several everyday ways to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. Such as getting in a vicious argument in the middle of a store that you go to all the time. Blaming someone at a gas station for short changing you. Only to find out that you are the one who was wrong. Finding that your zipper is down, and you are free balling (wearing no underwear). There are so many ways to make an ultimate ass out of yourself. Feel free to share your ultimate ass moment. I thank you for reading this, and I hope you stop by again. Please visit one of my creative new websites for some cool new entertainment. I know that there are alot of awesome sites. Like facebook, twitter, myspace, and stumbleupon, but my sites are pretty original. You never know what you might find.
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Freaky weird porno. Beastiality. How do you have sex with an animal ?

19 Mar

What’s up with the freak porno ? It’s amazing the shit people post on the web. I know some people have strange fetishes, but come on. I saw a site where a chick got gang banged by a bunch of clowns ! W.T.F. is that ? I’ve even wondered if some of it is even legal. Like beastiality. Since an animal can’t deny or condone sex. I would think that it would be illegal. I’m no expert, but I’ve never seen any animal look at me, and give me that sexual glare. I don’t have problems with people being different. But I learned something. There was a time I thought I was a little strange. After surfing the Internet for a while. I’ve changed my opinion. Someone who jerks off to clowns gang banging a toothless redneck. Or a midget with a giant love rod pounding a pot belly pig. Now that is strange. Honestly how can you have sex with an animal. Then eat it for dinner ? I’ve heard of people being afraid of clowns. Never wanting a freak gang bang with them. I’m not even getting into the priests and religious figures. Mainly because that actually sickens me. There’s a time to be serious and a time to play. I’d much rather hear about cow getting rammed by a clown, as the midget masturbates on his ankles. Then any of the crazy shit I read about in the papers. If you read this. I thank you, and be good. 

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