Johnny Depp goes to help 3 men suspected of murder

26 Feb (buy from the blue monkey and save) (just a weird ass website)
             I have read the story on people like Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, and the Dixie Chics. They are taking a stand on an old case were three young teenage were accused of murdering three 8 year old boys. Don’t get me wrong that’s awesome. Especially if they are innocent. If they end up guilty then it was just a waste of time and money. Where I get confused it there was a book and I’m sure other media attention to it. Yet after 16 years of sitting in jail, and one even on death row. No appeals works, no pleads works, nothing works till now ? Is the judicial system so messed up that the only way to be heard is if you are famous. Then I guess your words are worth something. I guess the Mom of the boy who is still sitting on death row. I guess her pleads weren’t good enough for the detectives. To make sure they didn’t convict innocent people. Now don’t get me wrong Johnny Depp gets much respect. If the boys are innocent and nobody would help, then more power to everyone who stepped in. When it takes an actor to do the job of the police. What kind of world is this ? Imagine sitting in jail for 16 years, for nothing. They were probably pleading their case and filing paper after, and nothing happens. Thank God someone was willing to go back over the case and see if it’s legitimate. I just don’t get it. I bet if the teenagers were kids of police offers or government officials that the case would have got a second look. The worst part is the kids were mostly accused because of their appearances and lifestyle in the first place. Thank goodness we live in a society where getting a conviction is more important then doing what’s right (that was a joke). Best of luck to the guys who are still sitting in the slammer because of some faulty forensics work. I might have to go to court, any celebrities out their want to represent me ? Might as well because at least their words will be heard. Once again I must give a shoutout. SOCIETY IS MESSED UP.
           By: Scott M. Spangenberg

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