Work at home tips and tricks

25 Feb
Working at home is a possible task, but figuring out what is right for you is the trick. I’m not into the reseller rightsthat much. I tried
it and had no luck, but if your a real good hustler I could see the possibilities. My final conclusion was simple and easy. Affiliate
stores. Not much start money needed and a variety of choices. You can even find free and low cost affiliate store building software
Just set it up and give it a shot. I also found that blogs and places like squidoo and hubpages allow you to link affiliate sites to your
pages and make money. Just get a blog at somewhere wordpress, blogger, yahoo or somewhere and start spreading the word. I
have several blogs. Why not ? Go sign up for an account with squidoo or hubpages and hook up your affiliate accounts to it. Like
your Google ad sense, E bay, and Amazon affiliate accounts. The trick is to get it moving and get the word out. Other then blogs
use social websites to spread the word. Like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Plus start some serious social bookmarking to get
it going a little better. Some real good social bookmarking sites are Digg, delicious, propeller, stumbleupon, and reddit. I also use
free classifieds ads just to put it out there a little more. I think a few good ones are craigslist, oodle, freeclassifiedads, adpost, and
sales spider. For what I gathered the more hits to your site the better rankings you should get on the search engines. You can earn
hits from places like trafficbunnies or traffic pods, but I question the web surfing sites. I did find linkrefferal where you know that
actual people hit your site. I also get traffic sent to me by places like webtraffic wholesalers and Revisitors. Big difference though.
When buying traffic make sure you are getting what you want the prices fluctuate a lot. I’m not saying that it’s an easy thing to make
money from home, but the possibilities are definitely there. Plus find your own thing. Untouched territory try different websites you
will have trial and error, but you might strike gold too. Fighting your way to the top is hard, but rewarding so just stick to your guns.
Don’t let a couple fall backs hold you down, just keep on rolling with the punches. If you are thinking of trying a reseller rights work
from home pack. Be careful and read into your free trials and how the system works, don’t get scammed by some asshole. Thanx. – Buy from the blue monkey and save money

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