What is Religion now a days ?

24 Feb

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          I was reading the top stories the other day, and one of them was. “The Pope now calls child abuse a crime of obstruction”, or something like that. I remember thinking when the hell wasn’t it ? See one thing I never understood. I do have a firm belief, granted I’m far from perfect, but in the end I have a firm belief. I’m nobody special though. Yet when the Pope speaks or comes to town he is looked at as a God. Not a man of God, but as someone higher. People get on their knees and kiss his ring, and seems to enjoy it. I know my Bible, and in it states that you should bow down to no man. Even John the Baptist wouldn’t let people get down and worship him. I think Religion has got very misconstrued over the years.I also believe that is the reason for so many people wanting to look in other directions for answers. I remember rumor of child molestation cover up a few years back. In what religion should any child abuse case be covered up ? I understand why people are driven away, and it’s a shame. When something that is meant for peace, love, and harmony is twisted to driving away the same people it should be embracing. What is to come next ? The most trusted people in the World are now also looked at as our most vicious predators. I always thought that I was crazy and my points are view are a little off the wall. I’ve learned that I’m not cold-hearted, and that my morals are apparently higher than those who are supposed to make people and their families feel safe. How can a teacher or a preacher develop the feature to become a creature ? In a society when the fingers are pointed at everyone else. Let me leave you with a Biblical saying. When judging another you must first take the plank out of your own eye. Before removing the speck from your brothers eye.

 By: Scott M. Spangenberg

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