Cute childrens’ stories

22 Feb (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)


Windy was a leaf from a Maple tree, until the wind blew and set Windy free.

There was so many things Windy wanted to see, now he shares his story with you and me.

The wind started to blow and Windy started to rise, as he rose he saw a bee and a couple of flies.

“Hi Mr. Bumble Bee you fly around so funny,” “Well little leaf I’m looking for some honey.”

“And you Mr. Fly what are you doing today ?” “I’m meeting my friends so we can go and play.”

The wind blew again and Windy rose higher above, then he saw two birds playing with a dove.

Windy watched them fly he thinks they are the best, he knows a bird named Tom he lives in a nest.

The blew again and Windy flew so, so far, he saw a little boy playing with a toy racecar.

“Oh I wish I could do that but I don’t have wheels,” so he landed on top of the car to see how it feels.

Windy was having so much fun but it was getting late, and he was hungry it’s been a while since he ate.

So Windy flew home and told his Mom all he did see , then he fell asleep in his house up in a tree.
 By: Scott M. Spangenberg


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