sex with cartoons. Animated sexual attraction. I want the scoop on Betty Boop.

19 Feb
       I’ve seen some pretty sexy cartoon sex symbols. Like Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop. I’ve even seen some cartoons Moms’ that have some rocking animation features to them, but I’ve never gotten a rise in the pants because of them. I remember one night a buddy of mine was like. ” I’d bang the shit out of that!” Out of what ??? A piece of paper with some artistic drawing on it ? You might as well pour a box of crayons on a piece of paper, pull down your pants, and hump the shit out of it then. I mean don’t get me wrong Betty Boop did have a body that would make the Pope kick out a stain glass window. Plus her stockings were perfect for any modern day prostitute, but she was a fictional character. I just can’t see myself stroking my manhood on a lonely night to some woman who is nothing more then a drawing. Now if she climbed her plump little cartoon ass out of that television screen and straddled me. Then screw it I’d ride that animated ass until the credits started to roll. Shit she could probably bend that body around better then any gymnast,  but until then I just don’t see the sexual attraction. Let me know how you feel about it. Until next time. That’s all folks. (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)

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