Alien abductions and anal probes. When martians attack. Sexually

18 Feb
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        I was watching some show on alien abductions and it was weird. I always like how they find the drunkest, weirdest, craziest M.F.s’ on the planet to explain how they were abducted. When some dude that looks like he slammed a fifth of whiskey and probably milested a goat the other night gives some wild explaination. Honestly it makes it hard to believe. I like the ones that say they got probed in their ass by a bunch of green headed aliens. I think they got hammered up on whiskey, meth, and l.s.d. and got gangbanged some ritual cult. When they woke up their ass hurt and they think some alien probed them. Maybe an illegal alien probed them, but not an outerspace alien. Even if their was aliens wouldn’t they go after more attractive people ?  You can fly down to earth. Practically rape, milest, and probe whoever you want and fly 100,000 miles into space. Why go after the redneck who’s missing 17 teeth and smells like a barrel of camels’ piss ? Another question is if it is real and you catch the alien that probed you does he get charged and locked up ? God knows if I probed someone without permission my ass is getting some solid jail time. Even if it did happen I wouldn’t tell anyone. How would you start that conversation ? ” Hey Bill after I left the bar last night, some space ship came down, and 3 martians grabbed me and stuck a glowing rod in my ass.”  Hell I’d have to let that one go. Would it be crazier that it happened or just that I said it ?  I do believe that their is a possibility that aliens exist, and who knows maybe probing drunk people gets them off. Still Mr. Martian if your out their please don’t probe daddys’ ass. Go get the redneck. Less teeth, better head jobs. (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)

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