Darth Vaders penis ? Star Wars Sith Lord loses penis. Poor Anikan Skywalker.

17 Feb

My son is a big Star Wars fan, so I’ve watched them a good amount. My question is if Darth Vader lost his manhood in the lava after the fight with obi wan kenobi. I mean in general he was a good guy and yeah he wacked out, but he eventually became really pissed off. I came to the conclusion that his lack of sex made him become a monster. I mean yeah he had a cool lightsaber, and he could use the force to strangle people without even touching them. Even if he could use that force to give a woman an orgasm without even touching them. He still couldn’t get his man off. I know that if my penis was burned up in a pit of lava I’d be a pissed off bastard too. Lord Vader ended up being a pale ugly bastard, but even pale ugly bastards can atleast get a prostitute. No dick, nothing to stick, made Darth Vader an angry sith lord. I would guess his balls were burned off too, so I guess his sex drive wasn’t at an all time high. I don’t know I saw some You Tube video on the subject and I just stared to wonder. If you had the powers of the force and someone burned off your balls in a seething hot pot of lava. How would you handle it ?


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One Response to “Darth Vaders penis ? Star Wars Sith Lord loses penis. Poor Anikan Skywalker.”

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