Indestructable Panties

16 Feb

I watched that show manswers one night on Spike tv. and they were talking about this new underwear. It was being designed for the Army and our other soldiers. It was made with some new material and they said you could wear them for 3 months without changing them ! I found that amazing because after a solid day of busting ass, I know there are times I’m not smelling that loveable. I can’t imagine wearing the same pair of underwear for more then 2 days. Hell I’ll protest a day, but 3 months. Not to sound nasty but that’s a lot of ball sweet, and the forget to shake it off enough drops off piss in your pants. I can’t see how they can keep the bacteria from damaging your urinary track for that long. Especially the women, nothing personal but atleast a lot of men wear boxers so that leaves room for some air. Woman usually wear those pretty hip huggung underwear. Now what I want to know. Even if they came out with an approved pair of underwear that keeps you stank free for 3 months. Would you try them ? Think about it, if the government offered you some cash to keep the same pair of skibbies on for 3 months. Would you do it ? I’m curious to know. Someone has to test them, and I’m not sure what happens to them if they catch some kind of infection, but in the end someone does. Would you ?




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