Ass burning Mexican foods …. tacos, burritos, fajitas. Ass ripping mexican cuisine.

15 Feb
     You know when you get a taste for something you just want it. Like when I want some General Tsos’ chicken. I WANT some General Tso’s chicken. The other day in the grocery store I had a feel like some Taco Bell moment. I didn’t feel like riding out to get any, because the roads were still nasty, so I found a substitute. Don Miguels’ 3 pack of spicy beef tacos for $1.00. I ended up eating them later that night, and it was best damn microwaveable food I ever had. I ended up going back to the store and buying like 7 more packs with a variety of flavors. I was hooked. I was to the point where I thought Don Miguel laced those tacos with crystal meth because I was straight up addicted. It wasn’t until the vicious grumble in my stomach the next day that I realized Don Miguel and his tacos had my bowels rocking like a Ozzy Osbourne concert. It was very unpleasant, but the sweet tasting tortilla shells, and proccessed… what appears to be meat was so good that I refused for us to be separated. So maybe not one of my better moves I attempted the chicken fajita. All I can say is that Don Miguel makes some awesome cheap Mexican food, and it even reacts like Mexican food. BRAVO Don Miguel. Granted your stomach ends up feeling like their is a little Mexican bambito sitting in your intestines skipping rope, but it does satisfy your taste buds and need for Mexican cuisine. Go out and fill your body with Don Miguel cheap Mexican cuisine. Then come on back and tell me how you feel. I LOVE YOU DON MIGUEL & YOUR UNDERPRICED MEXICAN CUISINE.

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