Jim Bowels was snow plowed

14 Feb
       I was reading this morning, and one of the top 3 stories on CNNon my google homepage was CononcoPhiilips Alaska president died in an avalanche. I honestly don’t know who he was. Jim Bowleswas apparently the president of an oil company and was crushed by an avalanche near the Spencer Glacier. The part that made me mad was that at the bottom of the page it said, ” Also some skier was killed in the avalanche too. A lady walking her dog called 911 to report it.”  So since the skier wasn’t an oil tycoon and probably didn’t take pride in squeezing out every extra penny to coat his own bank like Jim Bowels. I guess he wasn’t worthy enuff to have his name mentioned in the same story as Jim Bowels. I would have rather read a story about someone who did something or something good going on right now. I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but if you ask anyone about oil companies they’ll tell you some messed up things. Everything from over inflated prices to even holding back product just so they can charge an extra buck or two. My guess would be that Jim Bowelsplayed the game too. Of course he left behind loved ones , and that I do feel bad about, but all in all I wouldn’t have placed it in top 3 CNN stories. In my opinion I would have rather read about the skier that was killed, but he wasn’t as important as Jim Bowelsapparently.

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