Bad breath stinks. I can’t stand nasty teeth, and things that smell.

14 Feb

Nothing is worse then unsuspectantly getting nailed in the face with some rank ass breath. You know when you inadvertantly have to find a reason to look the other way just so your stomach calms down. I met a dude who had breath so bad that it would stick to the phone receiver after he made a phone call, and you could almost taste it. I could never understand it. I mean how does one acquire breath that bad ? Once my teeth started to desinegrate into a pile of corn nibblets I’d know it was time to do something. I grasp the factor that some people can’t afford dental insurance, but a tooth brush and some tooth paste won’t break your bank account. Shit they sell speriment mouthwash at the $1.00 store. Have some common courtesy to your fellow man, brush that shit before wanting to have a conversation. I understand that sometimes it is unavoidable, but that shit can’t be unavoidable all the time. If your wondering this isn’t just for men either some of you ladies out there got the stank breath too. Grab the brushe atleast twice a day. Please.


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