Thinking about working from home ???

13 Feb

Let me tell you about work from home scams. I did a pretty thorough checkout of a lot of work from schemes. The majority are the same, to be honest most are kind of like a spider web. I tried one a while back because it just seemed like the least risk and the idea of it made sense. It did only cost me a dollar, but that’s because I canceled it 2 weeks after I ordered it. I was willing to follow the steps but anytime I tried to contact customer support to ask them a question I got some answer that didn’t even relate to my question. I’m going to tell you what most work at home schemes consist of. Reseller rights, simply put. You paid to get a ton of e books and try to hustle them off. I can tell you if you’re going to purchase a $30.00  e book on losing weight that offers a 30 or 60 day money back offer. Your not getting your cash back. I still have e books set up on my one website(I just got them for a low ass price. One time thing deal). So I can tell you I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t charge no $20 – $30 dollars. I’d feel like a scam artist. The point of it is just to sucker you in. After I signed up to the one program. I got called by people who wanted me to enroll in a school that was affiliated with the same guy I signed up for. I checked out of the program after 2 weeks because of lousy customer service. I also found it disturbing that none of these programs were with the Better Business Bureau, one even lied and said it was. They do get rated by the BBB, but anyone can do that.

If your looking to make some kind of cash flow from home. Start affiliations with the big companies who don’t want their names soiled, and make enough money to not have to pull quick ones. You could start a blog, website, or an affiliate store. Places such Google, ebay, Amazon, craigslist, and a lot more are more then willing to get you in there. Simply put there are 3 ways to make money from home pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale. The more people the more money, but the trick is to get referrals, traffic, and search engine recognition. That does not already come with the territory. All which though can all be obtained through hours and hours of computer work, and cost efficient link trafficking & marketing. All I know is that if your going to try and do it, don’t end up doing some asses dirty work, atleast do some multi million dollar assholes dirty work. You just stand a better chance. The fact of the matter is that it’s possible but don’t fall for the $3,000 a week 4 hours of work a day theory, unless you get real lucky, or you work yourself up to that point.

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