Skipper the drunken mailman

12 Feb

I was starting to get confused a little while ago. Everyone in the neighborhood was getting the wrong mail. Our local post man Skip or Skipper (for what I gathered that’s what the neighbors call him) has been making some mistakes with the mail and the addresses.  I can understand the mistake happening from time to time, but after a while I was starting to get pissed. I remember the last time I saw the mail man the streets weren’t clear so I took the mail truck swerving of the road from either a patch of snow or ice, or he was just trying to avoid hitting a patch of snow or ice. A couple of days have now passed and I was standing out front. I look up the street to see the mail man coming as he drove by  handed me my mail and said, “Have a nice day.”  The familiar smell of whiskey bounced off my face. A drunken mailman ?  I questioned myself for a second, but as I watched him swig from a coke bottle as he turned off my street,  the sour puss look he got on his face said it all. I realized my public mail was in the hands of Skipper the raging drunk postal man. What do you do ? I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I don’t want to keep getting Mr. Fugasakis’ mail either. I don’t want him to get caught either, because picture a drunken, pissed off, enraged postal worker. Someone is going down. I’ve heard the term don’t make me go postal on your ass, and after checking out the true terminology of that phrase. Them fired postal workers aint nothing to f%@k with. So until my power gets shut off because the mailman delivers my bill to some other house. I guess I’ll just deal with Skipper the drunken postal guy , because I don’t want it to be my fault when the local postal office gets shot up or taken hostage. Have a good 1.

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