what did you see on L.S.D.

11 Feb



I use to take a good amount of hallucinogenic drugs when I was younger (mushrooms, L.S.D., inhalants, even fresh smelling inhalants) and I came to the conclusion the other day that had to have been the most fun and probably the most dangerous things that I ever done. I remember times when I would watch something like an episode of Star Trek or some show on the History channel and laugh my ass off like I was checking out something on comedy central. I also remember times when that shit just became to much. I remember my friend lost it one time and thought he was a millionaire (we were broke as shit) I remember him trying to order 1 pepperoni pizza and 500 cases of soda (I think we had $20 dollars that he just borrowed), from there he chased after some car a Chevy Caprice or something like that because he told me his limo driver must of missed him driving down the street. I remember thinking W.T.F. as he proceeded his way to the local High’s Store because he said he wanted to purchase it. The last I remember of him that night was him saying “Lets’ play ball” as he had a baseball bat in one hand and a ferret in the other. I’ve had a few times when that shit made me wack out too, but for some reason when I wrote my story down honestly it sounded freaky so I erased it. I did have a lot of weird fun times, but I came to conclusion that anything that can literally change your perception on who you are is a dangerous thing. Even if it does allow you to be able to laugh at something as corny as Star Trek. Be good.

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