Jokes from the Bamboo Forest

10 Feb

I remember sitting by the fire at the bamboo forest tanked on some cheap ass jungle juice laughing my ass after hearing some dumb ass jokes. I remember jokes such as    1.  Why can’t miss piggy count to 70 ?   A.   Because when gets to 69 she gets a frog in her throat.  2.  What’s long, green and smells like pork  ?    A.   Kermit the frogs fingers.     3.    How do you make Manishevitz wine  ?     A.   Kick him in the balls     4.   What did the one necrophiliac say to the other necrophiliac when they walked by the mortuary   ?     A.   Lets’ go get us a stiff one.   and my favorite  5.   Why did they stop the leper baseball game  ?    A.   Someone dropped a ball in left field.  There were actually a lot more jokes, but more then likely they could get me banned by several websites so I’m testing my luck, but they were all just jokes that we tripped out on. If they are humorous today is your decision, I think some of them are still worthy of being told on a good night out. before I forget I wanted to shout out and thank several people for checking out my stories – Mike Palmer, Jade Coiley, Kelly Anderson, Kristy Bellows, Kristy Viars, and of course my Brother Eric Spangenberg. Hopefully we will get together someday soon. I’ve been insanely busy, so I apologize for my not so speedy responses. If I forgot you I sincerely apologize, and hit me up and tell me. I’m leaving you with a quick video sometimes it takes seeing it two or three times before you say W.T.F. (believe it or not I was sober doing this) but I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to hit me up. B good, and have a good 1.

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