cool ranch dorito feet

9 Feb

I shoveled so much snow so fast the other day that not only did I strain my back so bad that my scrotum felt the pain, but when I came inside and took off my boots my feet smelt like Doritos, like cool ranch Doritos, and once again I daze into the past. I remember being with some of my friends and we were just partying, we ended up crashing there for the night. When I took off my boots I remember the putrid looks on my friends faces, as the aroma of the room took a whole new smell. It could only be compared to the sweet smell of cool ranch Doritos. I remember being slightly embarrassed, but just like when you rip a ripe, nasty fart you are slightly embarrassed, but also amused. Watching people gag off of something that came from your body well… it’s funny, I’m sorry. I might sound like a nasty M.F. but I can’t help it. I remember laughing that night when my rank ass feet sent my homies scurrying to the next room. The only thing I could never understand though is that I had cool ranch Dorito feet, and I’ve meet a couple of people in my life that smelt like an Italian cheese steak and for some reason it’s disgusts people, but if I go to a sub shop and order an Italian cheese steak with a bag of cool ranch Doritos it smells good as a M.F.’r . I guess the difference is that a human body isn’t suppose to smell like delicious food, and delicious food shouldn’t smell like your cruddy feet or stank ass armpits. I really don’t know why I right little stories like these, but for some reason I enjoy them. B good, and have a good 1.

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