Alcohol in plastic jugs. Cheap highs, good times, and drunken fools. Back in the days.

7 Feb

I remember growing up in neighborhood that didn’t have much money, but alcohol ran through it  like diarrhea after some bad hot wings. I remember not having a lot of money and getting introduced to Kimnoff and Ricaloff, cheap vodka that came in a half gallon plastic jug. I learned not only the price was better, but even if I threw the bottle up against the wall it would bounce back to me. Many of nights I made the mistake of staggering or tripping and breaking my bottle, oh the terror, but with plastic bottles that doesn’t happen so see you later overpriced liquor in a glass bottle . I mean sure it’s cheap and the chemicals inside of it could probably eat a hole in your floor boards, but at $9.00 a half gallon and an indestructible bottle, and the power to get you drunk enough to hump a wolverine and not even remember why you have claw marks on your face the next day, who can argue with that ? It allowed me to do things that I could never do before like fight a giant or get into a club with a Philippine girls ID.Hell I even tried break dancing & I learned how to pee while I walked. The good old plastic jug vodka found a place in my life for a long time. Lots of good times, lots of bad times, and lots and lots of time that I just can’t recall.  I honestly don’t drink anymore but every once and a while you look back on your life and you have to remember those crazy days. Vomiting, slurring, injuries, and just having a good time laughing your ass off. Honestly it might sound weird but sometimes I miss them.

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